What's Good About Bad Habits?

The great thing about bad habits (and we all have them!) is that they teach us that we can create a way to do things that will become ingrained in our everyday being. 

Great, right!

Here are five reasons why you should be thankful for your bad habits and five reasons why you can banish them.

1. Bad habits show us that we're able to create different habits with little or no thought, because new bad habits sneak up on us all the time.

2. Bad habits teach us that we can learn new things that become part of our daily routine. (It's no different to when you were a child learning to read and write. Now you can do those things without even thinking about them!)

3. Bad habits give us a sneak peek into our weaknesses,

4. Other people's bad habits give us a great insight into our own strengths.

5. Bad habits teach us valuable lessons about ourselves.

For the most part, bad habits don't stop without being replaced.

Here are five tricks to banish bad habits and replace them with happy, purposeful habits.

1. Make a list. 

Write down all your bad habits and next to each one write down what it means to your everyday life, then write another list of good habits that you could swap for those naughty habits.

2. Shake up your routine. 

Habits are often routine-based, so changing your daily routine slightly can sometimes be enough to knock your bad habit off its perch.

3. Pretend the habit belongs to someone else! 

Write a few tips and tricks that you would give to someone else to help them kick their habit. So simple yet so effective: we're great at giving advice but not so at heeding it.

4. Surround yourself with people who've kicked similar habits.

If one of your bad habits is too many trips to the fridge, find some healthy living friends, if you are trying to give something up, hang out with people who have already foregone their bad habit. They will inspire you to good habits.

5. Think about how you'll feel when you kick the habit. 

Fast forward your thinking to how amazing you're going to feel and go one step further and come up with an affirmation that supports kicking your bad habit. If you need a little more inspiration to get you going, pick one of your idols and visualise how they would tackle their bad habits

Good luck, and don't forget to acknowledge the lessons that your bad habits are shouting out to you!

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