Calm Your Nerves And Improve Your Health in 5 Minutes (Video)

I'm guessing you're not smack in the middle of a stressful situation at this exact second (since you’re reading mbg right now). However, taking a timeout for deep breathing multiple times per day will create a pattern and increase your capacity for finding ease in emotionally charged moments when they do arise.

For some people, breathing deeply for five whole minutes may feel like a waste of time. This is an indication that you are in serious need of it!

Most of us are oxygen-starved and many of us are spiritually dull. In additional to calming our nerves, deep breathing improves our health and liberates our spirit.

So take a break right now and watch this six-minute video to learn a little bit about the foundational Three Part Breath, also known as the Complete Yogic Breath.

I hope you'll just breathe deeply for five minutes!

(And then do it again later, and again tomorrow, and each day after…repeat.)

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