Stop Trying To Rush Your Healing Process

Written by Kelly Higgins

I’m facing a self-help, spiritual seeking, inspirational overload and I’m tired as heck from it. I have subscriptions to countless self-help blogs and if you signed on to my Facebook page, you’d be convinced that I was a self-help fanatic with the extensive pages of inspirational quotes about topics on spirituality, inspiration and yoga!

I’ve dived head first into Dr. Wayne Dyer’s teachings, Eckhart Tolle, Karen Salmansohn and the Holiness himself, Dalai Lama. I continuously search for quotes and books that are uplifting, soul searching and spiritual in hopes for that time to finally come in my life where I have that “aha” moment and poof…I’m healed.

I practice yoga, I write in my journal, and I try all the things that other people do in order to find peace with their mind and body. So why am I not healed yet?

I started this healing process two years ago, a few months after my father passed away and I felt like my world just came to a crashing halt along with the events that followed his death. But it’s been two years now, I should be healed by now, right?

Come to find out, that’s just not the case.

I’ve had to put some things into perspective and find a happy medium between my healing and day-to-day living. I’ve started to create my own self-help and inspiration, (not that the above-mentioned resources have not helped me because they have helped me tremendously!) but in order to put things into perspective and learn from what you’ve read or done, you have to actually practice them and find ways that YOU can help yourself.

Here are a few things I’ve learned throughout my journey.

1. Healing does not happen overnight, it’s a process. 

This should be a daily reminder that you repeat to yourself. When my yoga teacher asks at the beginning of class to set an intention for our practice, mine has always been, since my first practice, to find peace with my Dad. Two years later, when I step on my mat, my intention is still to find peace with my Dad.

This reminds me that my journey is still happening, each and every day, but I bring that intention to my mat and work on it during that practice.

2. Give yourself a break.

Really, give yourself a break and stop being so hard on yourself. I literally beat myself up at times on where I am, where I’m going, and why haven’t I got there yet. Stop! Another daily reminder, YOU are fine just the way you are and where you are. I tend to create my own anxiety but wanting to find this peace with myself, TODAY.


Let’s remind ourselves that we are living this journey day by day. No one ever told me or you, in any book or article that we’ve read, that we should find peace within ourselves by a certain date. So give yourself a damn break, be grateful for and continue to learn from the ups and downs life has and may throw at you.

3. Create your own self-help and inspiration along the way. 

Again, the books that I have read by amazing men and women, my yoga practice and the inspirational articles and quotes that I search out are wonderful and extremely helpful. I would never deter anyone from using this to help in your healing process, but I will suggest to that you start to create your own self-help and inspiration.

Draw yourself a simply happy face on your notebook, water bottle, refrigerator, mirror, or phone. YOU drew it! Write a positive thought down and put it in quotes with your name at the end. Refer back to it when you need a little help in your day. Send an original positive thought to yourself or a friend having a bad day. It feels good to know that you have created that little pick-me-up yourself!

Please know that your healing process will take time. Everyone heals at a different pace. Create your own pace and be at peace with it. Don’t let the process overcome you and drain you.

Relax and let your peace and healing come to you!

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