5 Reasons You Are Not A Victim

Written by Jo Beth Richards

Well, crap happens. As unfortunate as that is, it is the truth. This life is imperfect and flawed. And with imperfections come storms, and rain, and hard times.

It's really easy in hard times to become the victim, to say "Why me" and be distraught. But distraught ain’t hot! So instead check out these 5 reasons why you are no victim…

1. You are not alone.

Listen, sister, you aren’t the only one going through this. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, no matter how small or alone you may feel. History is long and full of suffering but it is also full of victory. And those who hold their head up through suffering enjoy victory that much more.

2. You are stronger than this. 

You may feel like you aren’t gonna make it, you may begin to collapse in and wonder if it is worth going on. Well, it is! You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. So pull up those bootstraps, paint on some gumption, and to quote the wonderful Liz Taylor, "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together."

3. You are not the worst case. 

However bad things may seem, they could always be worse (a little tough I know). There are people who are going through worse than this and not letting it get them down. So remember, if they can make it through, so can you!

4. You can help someone else. 

There are other people here, other people who need love. Sometimes the greatest thing we can do when our life seems to be a mess is to help someone else. The gift of giving often gives more to us than we expect.

5. You are the hum of the Universe. 

The world turns a little smoother and sparklier because you are on it. You are not scum, or drudge, or forgotten, you are the brilliant hum of the Universe. That above everything creates Victors out of us all!!

So next time you want to collapse and give in, take a moment to do just that (collapse, cry, release). And then choose to not play the victim, and instead choose to be the victor. Feel the hum of the Universe breathing in your heart, and know that you can make it through this!

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