Confessions Of A Perfectionist

Oh my gosh, was that a good title? Am I supposed to capitalize “of” and “a”. Is an Oxford comma necessary in that sentence? OMG I am just going to go clean the lint trap in my dryer?

Hi, my name is Annie. I'm a Perfectionist.

For most of my life, I asked myself about 100 times a day if I was doing “it” right. Whatever “it” was. This worked, not very well.

When I gained weight, I looked for the perfect diet.

When I started running, I looked for the perfect plan.

When I went shopping, I looked for the perfect dress.

For all my trying to get it perfect, I ended up overweight, on my couch, in t-shirts four sizes too large that should have been thrown away.

So much of the world is put together by mistakes. By failures. Just watch a baby learning to walk. They fall down.




Somehow, they never internalize it as them being a failure. When do we lose that? When does doing it wrong become being wrong?

After years of being tired of being overweight and inactive, I decided that I had nothing to lose by being wrong. Not rob-a-bank-wrong, just it-doesn't-have-to-be-right-wrong.

Am I perfect at being wrong?


What I hope to gain from this mind shift is that I will no longer let the fear of doing something wrong prevent me from doing anything at all.

Just as falling down is part of learning to walk, failing is part of learning to succeed.

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