How To Deal With Emotional Trauma Trapped In Your Body

Stress, pain, trauma and fear can deplete the body and block energy flow. Many times, your body will react to a difficult situation or event by freezing to protect itself. After the difficult period ends, your body remembers its self-protection mechanism and will continue to freeze and restrict anytime the memory is triggered. This enables the memory, or emotional trauma, to permeate your being.

These restrictions manifest in the pelvis, the center of gravity and the birthplace of all movement. The emotional traumas imbalance the deep core along with the psoas and creates restrictions in the root and sacral chakra. The root chakra is related to our basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. The sacral chakra is related to creativity, passion, birth, and sensuality.

I know the experience of having emotional trauma trapped in my body. I know how it feels to have my body go deep into self-protection mode to the extent of almost being paralyzed by the restriction. It was from this experience that I began to truly tune in and develop a profound level of awareness of how my body reacts to stress.

Our bodies are our sanctuaries. It is our home. It is where we live and breathe, the center where our heart and womb meet. This is of the utmost importance to me.

I believe that as women, we must become aware of our body's reactions to stress, pain, trauma and fear. We must recognize that our bodies have frozen, and take necessary action to release the restriction. I am blessed with the awareness of what pleasure brings to my body when I move it energetically. Movement is my medicine.

Dancing in my pelvis has been the foundation for my healing. It has allowed me to surrender, survive, and feel freedom in my body over and over again. It has allowed me to release myself from self-imposed restrictions and fully heal.

The pleasure of moving in the feminine relieves pain. It also offers sensuality, beauty and love as you move in your feminine essence and reconnect the heart and womb.

Let's practice sensing your feminine rhythm in the pelvis!

Let’s begin by standing tall and sensing the energy of our feet as they ground us to the earth. Feeling grounded the body can begin to awaken. As your energetic center flows through your bones and muscle into the earth, the earth flows back up the legs and spine, embodying movement.

I invite you to stand with your feet under your hips keeping your knees soft.

Swirl your hips right in a full circle, than left in a full circle three times each way.

Quiet your hips!

Rock your hips frontward and backward six times

Quiet your hips!

Now, combine the swirls and rocking back. Sense the lightness in your hips, the freedom in your spine when moving from the center.

Quiet your hips!

Let’s try swirling one hip at a time. Walk your legs wider than hip distance keeping the knees soft. Begin with the right hip 3 full circles back and 3 full circles front. Repeat on left side.

Quiet your hips!

Keeping your legs hip distance apart, knees are soft a bend and go a little deeper in a plie and create a soft bounce to heat up the pelvis, place one hand on your heart and one hand on your womb. Sense the energetic connection and embrace it.

Quiet your hips, walk your feet together, reach your arms across your heart and give yourself an embrace...

How does this sensation feel? Do you feel the sensation of lightness in your pelvis? Do you feel grounded to the earth? Do you feel more freedom in your spine? Is there a difference in lightness or tightness in your right or left side?

Practice this feminine rhythm in the morning for your feminine self-care. Your body is your sanctuary it loves you and will thank you!

Are you ready to heal your core, heal your pain, ignite your passion and revitalize your life?

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