Why Vegans Make Better Lovers

There are many reasons to go vegan: to lose weight, to save the animals, to improve your health. But, did you know eating a vegan diet can help with your love life, too?

How Meat & Dairy Sap Sexual Performance

Meat restricts blood flow below the belt. Meat is high in saturated fat, and eating a lot of it can restrict blood flow below the belt and increases blood pressure, both of which cause impotence. No blood flow, no erection. It’s that simple.

Meat can make you stinky. What you put in your body dictates the odor that comes out of it, and red meat is one of the major causes of body odor, as it stagnates in your body and releases toxins into your bloodstream. Highly processed foods like white flour and sugar have the same effect.

Meat can sap your energy and confidence. High meat and dairy consumption can easily cause you to pack on the pounds. Being overweight tends to sap you of energy and confidence, two things needed in the bedroom.

How a Plant-Based Diet Increases Sexual Performance

Plant foods improve blood flow below the belt. Plant foods have the exact opposite effect as meat on your body: they help improve circulation and lower cholesterol. For men, that means blood can flow to your private parts to help you keep it up longer and stronger, for women, increased blood flow will improve your enjoyment and orgasm.

Plant-based foods boost your energy. Think about how you feel after a meat-heavy meal, like Thanksgiving dinner. Now, compare that to how you feel after an all-fruit smoothie. Plant foods are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to keep you healthy and give you natural energy, which is necessary for endurance, and having the desire to get things started in the first place.

Plants are nature’s deodorant. You may want to get closer to a vegan, because they smell better. Green vegetables act as an internal deodorant. So while vegans still sweat, it tends not to smell or have less of an offensive odor.

A plant-based diet can help you lose weight and gain confidence. People on plant-based diets tend to have less body fat and a slimmer physique. With a trimmer body, you’re likely to feel more confident in (and out) of your clothes.

If you’re a vegan dating a non-vegan, share this article and they’ll get the hint. By simply incorporating more dark, leafy green vegetables and plant-based foods into the diet, you can start seeing the benefits.

Here’s to a Happy Valentine’s Day with your loved one!

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