No, Seriously: What's The Point Of A Detox?

Written by Nadia Petrova

In order to understand why you need to detox, maybe you have to learn what exactly happens in your body during the detoxification.

Your body is the perfect machine, it always strives for health. Even when you do your best to stay unhealthy, your body is working in the opposite direction. The term detoxification actually refers to your’s body ability to transfer and eliminate toxins.

A healthy intestine eliminates the toxins every single day via the feces. So, if your colon is in proper condition and the majority of your meals are healthy, you'll eliminate the food toxins on a daily basis. If, however, your intestine is in bad shape, the toxins will leak through its walls and enter the body. This is where the liver interferes.

A healthy liver will transform the toxins into harmless water-soluble molecules and the kidney will excrete them via the urine. If your liver is overloaded, however, it will release the toxins back in the body and your body will store them in different tissues, such as fat, brain and nervous system, thus contributing to poor health.

So, the first step to your health will be to balance your digestive system and make sure your intestine, colon and liver are working properly. Then (and only then) can you can take care of the stored toxins in your body and help them get out. In order to do that, you will need enough antioxidants, which will make sure the toxins are transformed into non-toxic compounds and excreted from the body.

How does this happen? 

Your body is designed to easily and effectively excrete only water-soluble molecules. Toxic compounds are typically stored as fatty molecules, and therefore can not be excreted from the body without turning them into water-soluble first. In order for this to happen, you body goes through 3 phases:

Phase 1: Fat-soluble toxins are transformed into intermediate compounds which can be more reactive, but bind more easily to non-toxic, water-soluble molecules. To go through phase 1 you need a healthy liver and lots of antioxidant nutrients that will make the transformation possible (for example fresh juices, raw food, leafy greens, etc).

Phase 2: Formation between the reactive intermediates and water-soluble molecules make the entire compound harmless and ready for excretion out of the body. Caution: without enough supportive substances (antioxidants), the reactive intermediates can attack healthy tissues and may cause damage, because they will stay in the body as free radicals.

Phase 3: Neutralized toxins, now made water-soluble, are removed from the body in urine via the kidneys or in a bile/feces through the intestines.

Disclaimer: Because the detoxification process requires a lot of energy, fasting with water or juice for more then a week has been shown to be both ineffective and even dangerous if not done properly. In fact, prolonged fasting may weaken muscles and other organs, eliminating the essential nutrients required for healthy detoxification rather than toxins. For a healthy detoxification protocol on raw food and/or juices with all needed nutrients, you can reach me at

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