Why Splenda Can Go F*** Itself

We all know artificial sweeteners are BAD FOR YOU. This is not new. They’re composed of foreign, toxic chemicals, unknown to and undigestible by the body, and we’re pretty sure they cause a whole host of really scary illnesses, including cancer.

Interestingly enough, they also cause weight gain, far more often than weight loss, and anyone who thinks drinking Diet Soda over regular is doing their waistlines a favor, is totally kidding themselves.

When you consume artificial sweeteners, your body gets really confused and thinks it’s consuming calories. But when it can’t find those calories, it freaks out and sends you on a rampage looking for sugar where ever it can get it.

Chocolate? GIMME!

Donuts? GIMME!

Nutella straight of the jar? GIMME!

This is an actual biological reaction to artificial sweeteners that has been incredibly well-documented over time. Study after study links the use of artificial sweeteners to weight gain and obesity in the long-run. Ever wonder why you "can't control yourself" around sweets?

It's not even a fair question if you're consuming non-caloric sweeteners on a regular basis.

Still, some of you out there will continue to put Splenda in your coffee like a crutch, believing it’s the “lesser of two evils,” when in fact, regular old granulated white sugar will likely cause less weight gain than Splenda (or even Stevia) over the long-term.

And I have to leave you with one last question: why are you crutching so hard to this stuff to begin with? Is missing the extra 45 calories in your coffee worth all of the incredibly negative side effects you know that crap is causing your body? When did being thin become more important than being healthy?

If you’re struggling with this question, I highly recommend that you download my guide to letting go of the diets and finally make peace with food once and for all.

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