Headstand: How-to, Tips, Benefits

In our beginner yoga pose series, Michael Taylor from Strala Yoga in New York City demonstrates a Headstand.

How-to: From your hands and knees, lower your forearms to the ground, elbows right under your shoulders. Clasp your fingers lightly together, and bring the top of your head to the ground just behind the heels of your hands. Tuck your toes, straighten your legs, and walk your feet in until your hips are over your head. Lift one leg and then the other, or both legs at once, until your legs are straight up in the air.

Tips: Your feet will lift easily off the ground when your base is strong, your feet are close to your body, and your hips up vertical over your head. Practice by walking your feet as close to your body as possible, and then lift just one foot by bending your knee and bringing your calf into the back of your thigh. If you go too far, you’ll just roll forward onto your back. Make sure the space in front of you is clear, and practice keeping your knees bent and legs low until your base is steady.

Benefits: Improves balance and circulation. Calming.

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