Why Gluten-Free Is Not A Diet

I help women who have struggled with their weight for longer than they care to remember, finally stop dieting, and start making peace with food and their bodies.

I don’t believe in “good foods” or “bad foods” and I don’t advocate any kind of restriction (with the exception of Splenda, which can go f- itself).

I am, however, gluten-free, because I believe gluten is truly harmful to my body. Some of you will remember the day that you took out gluten (and how painful it was when it accidentally slipped back in). Eating gluten is not fun for me, and I know that consuming it may have seriously damaging consequences for my long-term health.

As someone who encourages women to stop dieting for a living, sometimes I worry I’m being judged for my GF nature.

Am I being fussy with food? Do people think this is annoying and “diet-y?”

Well, it’s not.

It’s just me taking care of me. And I want to set the record straight for anyone who thinks differently right now.

If you’re going gluten-free to lose weight, you’re missing the point. (Click to tweet this!). For those of us who are intolerant, going gluten-free is something we should be doing only to care for our bodies — not to restrict and control it.

My motivation is born out of self-love, rather than self-criticism. Why are you gluten-free? I'd love to hear in the comments below. And if any of you out there are struggling to make loving choices around food, I highly recommend downloading my guide How To Not Eat Chocolate Cake.

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