5 Ways To Detox Without Food

The new year is a great time to detox! So many of us are going wild with juicing, fasting, and cleansing, but I’m here to talk about 5 OTHER ways you can detoxify your life in addition to food cleanses.

1. Technology detox 

This one just may be my personal fave. Technology is everywhere, even our grocery store trips have become more computerized with self check-out. With all of our iPads, iPods, and iPhones, I wouldn’t even be surprised if I saw a new iDog and iCat on the market any day now! The saying, There’s an app for that is now more like, there’s an app for EVERYTHING and everyone is expected to be accessible at at all times.


On the days you can afford to go M.I.A, I strongly encourage you to shut it all down. Shut off your phone, your computer, and your television and pick up a REAL book. (You know, with pages.) I have an iPad and I love reading on it, but I have days where I ignore technology and I sleep like a baby on those nights.

The over stimulation of lights, sounds, and instant gratification has switched our operating speeds on high and unless you shut that switch off, HIGH SPEED IS YOUR FOREVER SPEED. Get into nature, make a mind-body-spirit connection, spend an afternoon playing with your dog, do anything your great grandma would do for fun.

2. Clean out your junk. 

On the contrary, this may be my least favorite one. (Ha) We all have it: a junk drawer, a messy closet, a disorganized cabinet, etc. My friends, it is time to clean it out. Not only is this detox freeing of mind, it is freeing of SPACE!!

Think of how much more functional your life will be once you tackle whatever mess may just be staring you in the face. This goes for email space as well. Unsubscribe! How much junk are you getting in your inbox everyday? If you’re in a good place organizationally, great! Still, take a look around your house to see where you can free up some space. Do you really need 3 pink sweaters?

3. Take a break from the city. 

This may be impossible for some of you for long lengths of time, but a weekend will do just as well. You may LOVE the city, but there is no arguing that a break from all of the hustle and bustle can do you well. Get back to someplace where the air is fresh, the people say please and thank you, and you can walk as slowly as you want.

You don’t have to retreat to complete wilderness, but take a break from busyness for as long as you can. If you commute to the city daily for work, see about the possibility of working from home even just a Monday and Tuesday or how about TAKE A COUPLE OF DAYS TO YOURSELF!

You’ve heard of SICK days? Take a couple of WELL days! Take a day for some self care while you’re retreating from city life for an extra dose of love for your mind body spirit.

4. Cut ties with energy vampires. 

Quick, who came to your mind when you read the words energy vampires? That’s the person you need to remove yourself from. You know who these people are: they’re constantly taking from your friendship and are rarely replacing. Evaluate all of the one on one time you dish out and establish if any leave you feeling drained rather than rejuvenated; if this is the case, something’s got to change.

Friendship should never be hard work. Honesty and openness can sometimes come at transformational times in friendship, but energy vampires aren’t your friends. Energy vampires only want to ask you to borrow money, drive them home, pick them up, or give them advice without so much as asking how your day was. Don’t let anyone infect you this year.

5. Do the twist. 

I’m a yogini. I love yoga because I truly believe that practicing transforms me into a better version of myself than I was before I started. Yoga poses can stretch us, invigorate us, and humble us. Did you also know they can detox us?

Twisting yoga poses squeeze your internal organs (your liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas and spleen for instance) and help the flow of oxygenated blood. Twisting also eliminates toxins and waste and can promote digestive comfort. “So come on baby and do the TWIST!”

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