10 Tips To Make This Your Healthiest Year Yet!

Getting healthy doesn't require a total lifestyle overhaul! Making just a few tweaks to your routine can make this year your healthiest yet.

Here are five foods to permanently remove from your diet:

1. GMO Foods

GMOs are genetically modified organism or foods. The majority (80-90%) of the soy, corn, canola coil and sugar beets grown in the USA are GMO.  All conventional pork, beef and poultry are fed GMO soy and corn feed.  If you eat conventional meet and dairy you are by association also eating GMO foods. Be sure to buy only 100% organic poultry and dairy and grass-fed organic beef.

2. Trans fats

Anything labeled as hydrogenated oil, partially hydrogenated oil or shortening are trans fats. Legally food labeled as ‘zero trans fats’ can have up to ½ gram of trans fats per serving.  If you are eating these foods you can quickly be eating a lot of trans fats leading to cardiovascular disease and elevated cholesterol. After all, who can stop at eating just one chip?!?

3. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

This is found in virtually all sodas and packed desserts. HFCSC comes from corn (generally GMO corn) and it raises blood sugar much more quickly than cane sugar.  It is thought that HFCS has been a major contributor to the of obesity and diabetes epidemics we now face as a nation.  Additionally, HFCS may contain traces of mercury as a by-product of it’s manufacturing process.

4. Artificial sweeteners 

Aspartame (Equal and NutraSweet), saccharin (Sweet’N Low), and sucralose (Splenda) are all chemically manufactured in a lab – do not consume them. These artificial sweeteners affect the nervous system, endocrine system, cause more cravings for sweets and potentially cancer! Studies have shown that those trying to lose weight and who only cut out the diet sodas lost weight.

5. Food preservatives, artificial flavos, and artificial colors 

Polysorbates, BHT/BHA, Sulfites and Sodium Benzoate are preservatives and have a wide range of side effects from migraines, nausea, infertility and cancer. Artificial flavors and colors have been linked to allergies, headaches and behavior changes such as ADD and ADHD.  Limiting all packaged foods greatly reduces your exposure to these chemicals.

And here are 5 tips for ultrahealth:

1. Eat the rainbow

I recommend a total nine serving of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits daily. It’s best to have the majority of these be in the form of vegetables and low sugar fruits such as berries. Eat a variety of colored vegetables and fruits like a rainbow such as yellow, orange, blue, purple and deep, dark greens. These rich colorful foods are filled with phytonutrients that help to prevent disease and cancer.

2. Eat in season, eat local, and eat organic 

Eat real whole foods that are local, in season and organic. When you eat local and in season then foods are fresh and you support your local farmers and economy. Check out the list of the Dirty Dozen and Clean Thirteen at The Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org) and make sure you're following these guidelines.

3. Move your body 

Get up and move your body everyday. Whether you like to dance, run, bike, golf, attend yoga class or just play chase with your children around the yard – move it! Walking 30 minutes a day will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity. Walking does not require any equipment and best of all - it’s free!

4. Breathe

Make sure you are breathing! Long, slow, deep-in-your-belly breaths help to calm the mind and relax your body. This is something you can do any and everywhere! If you practice meditation and /or yoga – even better!

5. Sleep

Make sure you are getting at least eight hour of sleep a night. We need sleep in order for our body to rest, repair and to detoxify. Getting on a regular sleep schedule is important as well to maintain proper circadian rhythms and hormone balance.

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