A Simple Exercise To Help You Live Your Best Life!

Rather than making another set of resolutions that will most likely be broken within days, it's time to create healthy, high-standards for yourself to insure you're living the New Year right!

I created this Self-Agreement Contract as I began my path to wellness. It holds me accountable for living the life that aligns with my beliefs.

Although I've had my missteps, I return to my contract to live my best life daily! I now share this with my clients and have seen wonderful, beneficial results!

Take the time to create your own Self-Agreement Contract and start living the beautiful life you've always envisioned for yourself.

Find a quiet place you can relax and ask yourself the following questions:

How can you live your best life possible?

How does living your best life feel?

What daily self-care practices does living your best life include?

What healthy foods does your nourishing life consist of?

What physical activity and exercise do you take part in daily?

What limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits do you promise to release in order for you to live your best, most flourishing life?

How are you of service to others?

After asking yourself these questions, close your eyes and imagine what your best life looks and feels like. When you’ve got that beautiful image in your head please fill out your self-agreement contract below:

Starting today __/__/____, I, ______________________________ promise to live my best life daily.

I will do this by ___________________________________________________________.

No longer do I ________________________________________________________________because it does not serve my best interest or the interest of others in my life.

Everyday I feel ____________________________________________________.

I am of service to others by ___________________________________________.

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