How To Stop Your Sugar Habit

Over and over again women tell me, “I just can’t control myself around sweets — seriously, handcuff me once the stuff passes through my lips.” But there are plenty of women in the world who can eat sugar moderately and it ain’t no thang.

What’s the difference between type A and type B?

History of Deprivation and Emotional Dependence (not to be confused with physical dependence, which I personally think is overrated).

Here’s my quick list of ways to get over both:

1. Carry a jar full of Nutella in your purse at all times (i.e. Radical Allowance). 

The first thing I ask women when they tell me they can’t stop bingeing on sweets is “do you generally let yourself eat it or is sugar a ‘bad’ food?” When you put ANYTHING you love on a restricted list, you are setting yourself up to binge on it.

If you put baby carrots on a restricted list, and baby carrots were one of your favorite foods, I guarantee you would end up facedown in a giant bag of them eventually.

It’s like, emotional eating physics.

2. Notice how shitty you feel after you eat it (especially when you eat it in mass quantities independent of an actual meal). 

The key here is NOT to judge yourself for having eaten it, but simply to notice how your body feels when you do so. When all of your self-shaming quiets down, the softer voice of your physical body can be heard saying, “Ouch! that hurts! I don’t actually want that!”

3. Notice when you want sugar (e.g. when I'm physically hungry I want real food involving multiple food groups, but when I’m emotionally hungry, I just want sweets. 

What can you give yourself in place of sugar that will satiate the emotional need? A girl date? A child’s pose? An episode of Friends? Give it to yourself. And if you still want to eat afterwards, download my guide How To Not Eat Chocolate Cake for more instruction.

The obvious and most important part of dealing with emotional eating, is understanding that you’re eating for a reason. Too often we get caught up thinking “but it’s about the food - the food must be the problem!” WRONG.

The only effective way to stop obsessing / eating / bingeing / etc. is to go into the world and start living better. The food takes care of itself when we fill ourselves up in other ways.

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