5 Life Lessons I've Learned From My Cat Bob

Many of us live with and love animals. But we can learn a great deal from them regarding life, how we face challenges, and how we need to live with less resistance. I personally am more of a cat person versus a dog person, but I think both cats and dogs have things to teach us...if we pay close attention.

Over the last 8 years, I've been the proud owner of a big, and I mean BIG, cat named Bob. Bob has been with me through good and bad times, always loyal, always loving.

The other day I was watching him sleep and it got me to thinking about the life lessons he has taught me. They've made a huge difference in my life; I hope they do the same for you.

1. Stretch Often

It never gets old seeing how relaxed Bob can be with his body. Sometimes he sleeps on his side, on his back, or crammed up against something warm. And when he stretches, which he does often, he streeeeetches! This keeps him limber, but also helps work out any tension in the body. It's like clockwork to him, and I think following his lead can also help our own bodies.

2. Be Present

The magical thing about cats is that there is only one moment, and that is the current moment. They are purely present. By being this way by nature, life isn't so stressful. And in fact, it makes it easier to enjoy the things at hand so much more. The real present (or gift in life)...is the present. No pun intended.

3. Choose Your Company Wisely

Bob likes most people who come to visit, he is especially good with kids. But on some occasions, he doesn't "click" with some who approach him. Why? I don't know...but he does. More than likely he is going by his own gut intuition and feelings about a person. And that is ok. The point is, just like Bob, you don't have to like everybody, and you don't have to let just anyone into your personal space. Choose your company wisely.

4. Observation Is An Art

I will catch Bob simply watching something as simple as a squirrel sitting on the edge of a fence. He can be as still as possible, taking it fully in. The amount of concentration is insane. Just imagine if we could apply that kind of concentration on things we enjoy in our life, to be more attentive, etc. etc. Life would become much richer.

5. Have A Place For Solitude

Bob has a few key places he likes to crash during the day and at night. Some are pretty hidden. I think these are the places that give him a sense of solitude and peace. I also think it is vital for rejuvenation. And for humans, also reflection. Do you have a place in your house where you can just be silent? Try it. Watch how visiting it often can expand your life and happiness.

Next time you give love to your own pet, be it a pet dog, cat, bird or whatever it may be. Watch it. Observe it. What lessons are they teaching you? The simplicity may surprise you, and the lessons may change you.

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