How Living "Juicy" Can Balance Your Life

A friend of mine recently became a Reiki practitioner, and asked if I'd like a free session, allowing her to practice on me.

I realized what an opportunity this was, so I immediately got someone to watch the kids on a Sunday morning (thanks, Mom!) and drove to her home.

I was prepared for her to marvel at how aligned my chakras were, and how peaceful my energy was, because, after all, I prioritize my yoga, meditation, and nutrition every day.

However, my lifestyle as a single, working mother of two “spirited” children (I believe that’s the correct euphemism for "high-energy and demanding") had me out of balance and I hadn’t even realized it.

She gently made her way from my head to my toes, and then back up to my arms. When she got to my left arm (the feminine side), she told me that my male and female sides were out of balance.

She told me I needed to do more to “live juicy.”

That I had too many to-do lists, and not enough spontaneous spark. I’ve read Sark’s book (Living Juicy), so I automatically went through the pages in my mind, looking for some ideas on how to follow this advice.

She laughed as if she could see into my brain, and said, “Just eat ice-cream while watching a movie! And dance!” I made a mental note to stop at the store and pick up a pint of Coconut Milk ice cream. And to get back to my dance class that I had to miss recently. She laughed again, still reading my thoughts, and said, “Now, I don’t want you to add more to your to-do list!”

I took away many nuggets from that session with my friend, but the one that kept coming back to me was that I needed to do more that was “juicy.” In my attempt to avoid the scheduling of spontaneity, I dedicated some real attention to what that would mean to me, or to anyone.

Here’s what I came up with:

1. Let yourself sleep in a little without guilt. 

I did this the very next morning, and it felt luxurious! Hitting the snooze button a few times didn’t make me late for work, but it sure was satisfying to crawl back into the warm bed!

2. Put down the technology for a while. 

Connect for real with those around you. Facebook can wait! I never want to be a mom who nods her head absent-mindedly at her kids’ questions while checking her cell-phone. I was coming dangerously close to that at times.

3. Laugh more! 

Even if you feel grumpy or not your perkiest, a little laugh can change the whole atmosphere around you. It can be contagious, too!

4. Move! Dance, jump, wiggle, be animated!

Observe how young children talk, using their whole bodies to illustrate how they feel. Sadly, we tend to lose that emotion-body connection as we grow up. Relax and let it out (even if it is just in the safety of your own living room).

5. Be spontaneous! 

(Note: Not impulsive. Don’t go buying an expensive car just because you got a sudden wild hair…) But do try to be more zen-like. If you feel happy, laugh! If you’re sad, cry. If you feel like singing, let it out!

The result of all of this juiciness is that you end up making a real shift in your daily life. We do still need to have our to-do lists, but weaving some yummy fun into your days will help bring the joy to you, and to those around you.

And maybe you will unconsciously balance your chakras in the meantime!

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