4 Foods To Help Your Body Cleanse

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The human body is the most efficient machine ever made.

It's been constructed to run smoothly, to grow, evolve, cleanse, and heal itself, day after day, ailment after ailment, almost all on its own.

The only fuel and medicine the body innately knows is that from food.

Together with nature, the body can optimize almost any situation it is presented. When it comes time to cleanse and detox the body, the same stands. The complications only arise when we get in our own way.

You see, the body has natural cleansing functions already set up within itself.

In fact, in Traditional Chinese Medicine they say that each organ has a specific two hour time frame to auto-detox itself every day.

The body’s most vital digestive organs all have natural cleansing functions within this system, and food is what allows the whole system to work.

When you look to detox your body and cleanse your vital organs, it is crucial to take this bodily rhythm into account. Using a form of detoxing that is natural for the body, rather than something that comes as a shock to it, can thus be infinitely more effective for results in the short and long run.

In the detox that I create, I combine natural, whole foods specifically with traditional Chinese herbs taken as normal western teas. This combination works to cleanse your organs, and strengthen them at the same time.

So what are some foods that you can start to add into your own diet so you let your body cleanse yourself the way it knows how?

For Your Liver 

The liver is the largest internal organ and the largest gland of the body. It is responsible for digestion (especially carbs and toxins), metabolic function, and detoxification, among other things.

What to eat: Artichokes are one of the best foods for your liver. Boil them in water until they are soft to touch. Eat cold or warm, as a side dish or snack, like this.

For Your Kidneys

The kidneys work closely with the endocrine system to filter, reabsorb, and secrete.

What to eat: Kidney beans, funnily are great for your kidneys. Toss in a salad, or mix together with quinoa, another kidney cleansing food, and some olive oil for a side dish.

For Your Stomach & Spleen 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Stomach and Spleen work together as one unit. The stomach is responsible for the second stage of digestion, and the spleen removes old blood cells and turns them into iron, creates and stores red blood cells, creates antibodies, and removes and neutralizes unhealthy bacteria.

What to eat: For the stomach try a vegetable soup, such as this favorite recipe. For the spleen, try this. (Yes, beef.)

With an optimized detox program you can optimize your health and all of your body. These food mixed into daily meal plans is a way to start. If you want to take it further, combine them with natural teas that serve not only to detox your body, but to make it stronger and more efficient, which should be the aim of all.

If you optimize your inputs, you will optimize your output. It is that simple.

So next time you consider a detox program, thinking about doing what your body was built to do, eat and drink, and then fueling it with the foods it needs, and you need, to be a truly healthy you inside and out.

Lauren Imparato
Lauren Imparato
Lauren Imparato — author of RETOX and one of the "100 Women in Wellness to Watch" and Elle’s "This...
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Lauren Imparato
Lauren Imparato
Lauren Imparato — author of RETOX and one of the "100 Women in...
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