Orgasms And Apocalypse


La petite mort.

The little death.

My favorite thing about death is the opportunity for rebirth. And transformation.

Orgasm is referred to as “the little death” because its purpose is to obliterate your consciousness. To blow you apart and shake the foundations loose of your being.

You forget who you think you are. So that you can become more of who you actually are.

When the detritus is shaken off, truth and revelation can rise to the surface.

Apocalypse serves the same aim.

Destruction of all that is unnecessary—the things we would leave behind on our spiritual journeys—takes place, and we are left free and unencumbered.

The word apocalypse has its roots in the Greek apokalypsis which means "to uncover, reveal."

Both orgasm and apocalypse infer a trial by fire. Or being doused by fluids.

Of sorts.

To get through the dead zone, the free fall, the dark tunnel, we need to let go of control.

We have to go with the flow.

We have to be willing to not know the outcome and act anyway.

My most powerful orgasmic experiences occur when I am willing to open myself on every level: emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I hold nothing back.

I lower my guard and I leap.

Into nothingness.

The universe rewards courage.

And penetration.

The more you allow yourself to let life enter you, have its way with you, throw you over its shoulder and haul you into the bedroom, the more profound your life-gasms will be.

Being out of control is scary. And arousing.

If you listen to this arousal, this edgy, wild abandon, it will guide you through to the other side.

As always, in life as in sex, the answer remains the same:

Follow your bliss.

If it’s painful or unloving, it isn’t real. Adjust your course and find pleasure again.

Orgasm and sexual catharsis are invitations to grow. To enter the next level. To swell with the weight of your full potential and rise. Explode.

Like any energetic portal that opens up before you, within it lies an opportunity.

You can go deeper into the unknown.

You can rise to the next level of your growth.

Or you can sidestep it with “No, thank you. Maybe next time.”

IF you decline the invitation, you’ll slip into darkness. Temporarily. The world will seem grim, uninspired and lifeless.

Stagnancy is the only real death.

The faster you can acknowledge what happened and where you faltered, the quicker the universe rearranges itself to give you another shot.

In a different guise. But with the same level of risk demanded of you.

With all the talk of endings and beginnings this weekend, it’s much like orgasm:

There is always another level to go. Beyond the clitoris, lies the G-Spot, Beyond the G-Spot lies the cervix. Beyond ejaculation lies full-body, energetic orgasms.

Beyond the physical, lies the emotional. Beyond the emotional, the mental. Beyond the mental, the spiritual.

2) Nothing ever dies. It only transforms. Your sexual energy creates new life. In the form of babies or your creative projects.

Whether your life opens into something greater and more expansive vs. something lesser and contracting, is up to you.

You, and your level of boldness.

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