Stop Saying “Healthy” When You Mean “Thin”

I hear girls (and creepy uncles, and overbearing mothers) saying things like “I’m just going to try to eat a little healthier” when they’re really just trying to lose 5 lbs; or “Oh Honey! You look so healthy!” when they really just noticed you’ve lost weight. Or how about “I’ll have the egg white omelette.... I’m trying to be healthy.”


Can we GET REAL for a sec?

You’re not trying to “get healthy” you’re trying to get skinny, and you may or may not be going about it in a healthy way.

Don’t kid yourself. Having half a cup of cottage cheese and black coffee for breakfast is NOT what your body wants. And don’t get me started on women who want to “get healthy” by drinking Diet Coke. Or my personal favorite: when they eat salads all day, and then go binge-drink and chain smoke the following night. “I’m trying to get healthy.”

Shut the fuck up. No You’re Not.

Want to know what healthy actually looks like?

It looks like...

  • Choosing Non-Homogenized, Organic Peanut Butter over Skippy Reduced Fat
  • Choosing W.A.T.E.R. over Diet Coke
  • Resting when you’re tired
  • Making a home-cooked meal, instead of microwaving a Lean Cuisine
  • Going out with your girlfriends and actually having fun!
  • Treating your friends, spouses and family members with respect
  • Moving in a way that makes your body feel good, rather than punishing yourself with brutal workouts that you hate.
  • Sitting down and eating a real meal when you’re hungry
  • Enjoying your food to the fullest, and not letting food rule your life

And if those last two are confusing for you, I highly recommend downloading my free guide to freedom from emotional eating, How Not To Eat Chocolate Cake, ASAP.

All I want you to do today is look at how you treat yourself. What does the word “healthy” mean to you? Where can you bring true nourishment to your actions today? How can you take care of yourself more fully? How can you feel better, regardless of how you look?

This is where your Health lies.

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