5 Best Gifts You Can Give (Hint: They're All Free)

Written by Hayley Hobson

You’ve probably been mulling over what holiday gifts to buy your friends and family. There are so many great options, from cool kitchen tools to sexy yoga apparel to inspiring how-to books.

It sure isn’t difficult to spend a small fortune. But before you embark on your next shopping spree or log back onto your favorite online store, take a moment to remember what the holidays are really about.

The greatest gifts you can give to anyone you love are your time, your love, your respect and your heart. 

If you’re wondering what to get that person who has it all, or you're coveting a new gift for yourself, I encourage you to share one of these feel-good gifts:

1. Time

This is indeed precious to you and therefore, a truly valuable gift. I’m sure my father does not remember the golf clubs I got him for his 60th birthday, but I’m sure he does remember the fact that I flew my entire family across the country for his retirement party three years ago.

There are some things money just cannot buy, and in the long run our memories are far more valuable than any material goods we receive.

When you do you share your time with people you care about, they will always keep and treasure the memories you made with them. Whether it is taking the time to read a book to your child before bed or taking an hour out of your busy day to catch up with your BFF, there is no such thing as needing a receipt to return time!

Remember that it’s OK to give yourself the gift of time as well. Instead of treating yourself to a new pair of shoes, how about “giving” yourself some “me” time?

Being selfish is okay once and awhile!

You can definitely feel ok about saying no to yet another holiday party if you need an evening to rest and recuperate from a busy week.

2. Your heart

Giving your heart is one of the best gifts you can give. If you have a friend whose been going through a hard time, be there to listen and provide sympathy. This gift will surely be more appreciated than a gift certificate for a facial.

3. Forgiveness 

Someone that may not have made it onto your shopping list this year is an ex-friend - someone with whom you were once close, but for some reason cut ties. Give forgiveness this season. Recognize that we all make mistakes.

4. Teaching by example

Your daughter may be dying for the Disney princesses, but the most valuable gift you can give her is being a role model. Your children will become you, so be someone they can look up to and be proud to call their parent.

5. Respect

A gift that many of us desperately need but may not even know we need it is respect. Respect your body by nourishing it with healthful foods. Respect your soul by taking time each day to breathe and reflect. Respect the planet, too, by being more mindful about recycling. Reuse what you can from last year before buying something new.

So whether you're giving a friend or family member that special gift you've picked out or whether you're giving your valuable time and care, remember this season is about love above all else.

Give from your heart and with your best intentions and you can't go wrong.

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