Are Healers Born or Made?

MindBodyGreen provides a great medium for healers in all fields share their knowledge and experience with the world.

These healers encompass many disciplines and practice many modalities, from functional medicine doctors to shamans, from nutritionists to yogis. All of them have their place in an optimal medical system, and all of them have been called, one way or another into their pursuit.

So the question is, are healers born or made?

In getting to know hundreds of doctors and healers over the last decade, I've heard all sorts of reasons why people move into this field. Children of chiropractors become chiropractors, and there are whole families of doctors out there, spanning generations.

So, is it nature of nurture?

People who grow up in a health-focused household, no matter what the discipline, will likely puruse a career in said discipline. This could be a genetic inclination, but most likely it's a result of his or her environment.

It's nurture, not nature. Do you agree?

Recently, I had an opportunity to meet some African tribesmen who told me about the process of becoming a traditional African healer. It was, they explained, a "calling from their ancestors," which could take many forms such as a dream or intuition. Or perhaps they witnessed a disease in themselves or their immediate family that needed curing.

It made me think of a similar shift we're seeing in American medicine right now. I have yet to meet an M.D. who went into medical school to intending practice holistic or functional medicine.

Those who do end up practicing holistically come to embrace that perspective as a result of their own experience, either in school or once they got into practice. Doctors who are unable to heal their own health problems or their children’s start seeking alternatives.

And success of those alternative routes influences how they practice from then on.

While I would not wish ill health on any child (I am having my first child in four months), just like my last article where I argued that Celiac Was the World’s Greatest Disease, perhaps this is an upside to the epidemic of pediatric illness we are seeing in the developed world?

Autism, acid reflux, Aspergers, ADHD are all rising exponentially, and as Bill Maher says … that’s just the As!

If the numbers continue, it's likely that everyone in America will be touched by one of them, which in itself is horrific.

But if it kick-tarts our search for answers beyond drugs and surgery, it may yet have inherent value in the long term. (Let’s hope it doesn’t have to go that far!)

Are you a healer? Did you always know you would be? Did some event or illness change your life plan in this direction?

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