3 Ways To Beat Inflammation & Save Your Life!

There are two types of inflammation. The first is painful inflammation, which usually shows up in the body with pain, swelling and redness. Secondly, there is silent inflammation, which attacks at the cellular level and isn't associated with pain. The underlying cause of chronic illness and aging is increased inflammation.

Painful inflammation hurts but Silent inflammation KILLS!

Inflammation is a protective attempt by the organism to remove the injurious stimuli and to initiate the healing process.

It's characterized by an influx of white blood cells, redness, heat, swelling, pain, and dysfunction of the organs involved.

Although inflammation is a beneficial first response, if it persists, it can lead to chronic disease: Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzeimer's, asthma, allergies, and anything ending in -itis, meaning inflamed.

The so-called "anti-inflammatory" drugs on the market can suppress your immune system, lead to osteoporosis, heart failure or even death.

So... what to do?

Here's how to beat inflammation and save your life: 

1. Think of your food as a drug. 

Food will either increase or decrease inflammation depending upon your diet. Eat many, many fruits and vegetables, moderate protein, and don't forget the healthy fats.

2. Your hormones! 

When you eat (or don't eat), your hormones will respond. For example, carbohydrates (sugar) respond with an increase of insulin response on blood sugar levels. When you eat too much sugar, your insulin levels increase and are in overdrive.

This hormone is a storage hormone and will lead to storage of fat. On the other hand not enough CARBs in your diet will increase your cortisol; this is your stressor hormone. When BOTH INSULIN and CORTISOL are out of balance, then cortisol is present and this increase of cortisol will make you fat and keep you fat!

3. Omega-3s are the MOST potent ANTI-inflammatory. 

High-dose fish oil has been clinically proven to decrease heart disease, cancer, depression, ADD, chronic pain and everything else associated with inflammation. You can find healthy Omegas in flax-seed, chia seeds, calmon and of course in a fish-oil supplement.

I recommend trying to get your micronutrients in their original form if possible.

How much fish oil should you take?

  • For maintenance 2.5 gms/day
  • Obesity or Diabetes 5gms/day
  • Cancer or Chronic pain 7.5 gms/day

The only side effect of fish oil is it will make you smarter!

Remember the word diet means way of life …This is why it’s so important to make good choices when it comes to fueling your body!

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