Warrior I Pose: How-to, Tips, Benefits

In our beginner yoga pose series, Michael Taylor from Strala Yoga in New York City, demonstrates and gives us the scoop on Warrior I.

How-to: Start on hands and knees, shoulders over wrists, toes tucked. Make a tall "V" shape by lifting hips straight up, sinking upper chest and shoulders, and relaxing down the backs of legs into your heels.

Tips: Two tricks for getting your hips parallel with the front of your mat. First, from your low lunge, widen your stance by moving your front foot to the side, bring your back foot in a bit, and then lift up. And second, once you’re up, straighten your front leg, turn your hips square to the front, then gradually sink your hips back down. Keep your back heel firmly grounded, equal weight in front and back foot.

Benefits: Upper thigh opener, and patience.

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