How I Walked Away from a Corporate Career and Learned to Follow My Heart

I spent many years suffering in a job that denied me joy, but the money was so fantastic I convinced myself that everyone needed to pretend to be happy so we could get the paycheck, pay our bills, and feel guilty for requesting vacation time off.

It took me many years of pushing and pulling with my internal self to realize that the job I take doesn’t have to be my career.

Once I recognized that what I do is not who I am, nor does my job define me, I was able to walk away from the corporate world to follow my heart. 

Today, I am a self-help writer, speaker and life coach.

I do what I love daily and I no longer consume my thoughts with money, but rather I embrace my purpose first.

I have adopted a service mentality, of how can I help, rather than how can I get

This insight has transformed my life.

But getting to where I am today has taken time. For a few years I took many odd jobs to pay the bills while I started my freelance writing career. I even moved back into my parents' house for a while.

Following what is in your heart takes courage and guts, but when you do, you will be more abundant then you ever thought possible.

As soon as I let go of the expectation of taking a job because of a steady paycheck, I felt more secure than ever before. I recognized that money would always come and go. In learning that our career does not define us or make us who we are, I learned to let go of the demands I put on the dollar bill.

This time of year, during the holidays, money can be a sticky subject.

If you find yourself thinking a lot about money or a lack of funds, here are tips from my new book FIND YOUR HAPPY that can help you feel more abundant

1. Give without expecting. 

Giving without expecting anything in return will open you up to new opportunities. There is a balance of energy that exists when you freely give yourself, your time, your energy, or your money to someone or something you believe in. Ask yourself how you can serve someone else. The more you give, the more you will receive.

2. Recognize that nothing is forever. 

The job you are in, the boss you have, the amount of money you make is all temporary, a moment in time in your present story. As your story unfolds you grow, change, need more, want less, etc.

The point is the amount of money you make right now and the job you are doing right now, is not your permanent state. If you are feeling low on funds, focus on feeling more abundant in the moment. Because things change and are always in flux.

3. Focus on what your want.

We all have situations in our lives that might not be working as we'd like, but focusing on what's not working will not get us any closer to achieving a goal.

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