Gwyneth Paltrow's Workout: How You Can Get Gwyneth's Body

Have you seen Gwyneth Paltrow lately? She looks pretty darn good, doesn't she?

But after giving birth to her second child in 2006, the statuesque superstar struggled to shed those extra 20 pounds she gained during her pregnancy.

Fast forward to 2009 and she looks better than ever. Sure, we all can't workout for 2 hours a day and have our own personal trainer, but there's still something to be learned from how she made those extra pounds melt away.

Here's the quick skinny from Gwyneth's workout with celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson, on Oprah:

  • Lots of resistance-band work and light weights (3 pounds)
  • Dance-themed cardio with an emphasis on the butt
  • Gwyneth also trains in the heat (80°F) to get those muscles going
  • She doesn't count reps!

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