Instead of Thinking Outside the Box, Get Rid of the Box

It takes some people an entire lifetime to gather enough courage to be who they authentically are, do what their heart has called them to do, love who they feel is best for them to love, live where they have always wanted to live, etc.

The list is long.

Don't be one of these people. Please. Be a person who inspires others to live their truth because you are living your own! You can have whatever it is that you want. YES you can!! You might have to work really hard for it. You might have to go through some obstacles, but if you want it bad enough, it IS yours.

Make a difference in your life today instead of making excuses and putting your dreams on hold for 'one day.'

I am encouraging all us to not just think outside of the box but to GET RID OF THE BOX ENTIRELY!!!

What do you want right now? What action steps are you taking to get what you want? What are your dreams and how are you living them?

You will need a plan, strategy and determination to get there. Here's how:

1. Stop caring what others think. (Or smile and move forward anyway.) 

Try it today! Stand up for yourself. If and when someone disagrees with you, say to yourself that's OK. When someone gives you a hard time about your healthy diet, for example, smile at them politely, knowing their belittling comments say more about them than you. When someone tell you that your ideas are outlandish, smile and move forward anyway!

2. Have a really specific plan.

You need a plan and secondly, you have to follow through on said plan. Period. You won't be able to save money, lose weight, have a successful marriage, travel the world, win an audition, master yoga, etc. without one.

Write out as detailed a plan as you possibly can for how you are going to achieve your vision. Break it down into simple steps you'll take daily, weekly or monthly. Be accountable to your dream. Be accountable to your life. You are worth it!

3. Get excited!!! 

It's exciting, so adopt a positive energetic attitude!!! For one second, do not think about what you don't have or any negative space that you are in. Your past? Leave it there! You are changing. You are growing. You are going to achieve what it is that you matter what! You have smashed the box in which you have put yourself and YOU are breaking free! You are going to shock every single one of them! Go for!

4. Silence the naysayers. 

When you begin to make changes that improve your health, life, wellness, etc., people get uncomfortable. People judge. People may mock you. People may poke fun at you. Remember this: The ONLY reason they do this is because they wish that they had the courage to do it themselves, yet they don't. If you remember this, you will feel absolutely no animosity when they throw jabs at you. Instead, you will remember this article, you will remember why they are doing this, and you will look at them with a smile and glow in your eyes saying Watch me. 

5. Believe in Yourself! 

Some of us wonder How did that person DO that?!!! We ask that when we see someone lose a lot of weight, hold a challenging yoga pose, gain massive success in business, acquire wealth, leave the country for a year to do missionary work, get married to a truly amazing man or woman, heal from an 'incurable' disease and so on. How did that DO that?! They all had a plan and worked hard! I bet all of them stopped caring what others thought. They all found that inner strength that was waiting to be used, and they believed in themselves!

I encourage you not to be a 'one day I will _______' type of person. I encourage you to be a 'Today was the day that my life changed' type of person.

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