How to Stop Wasting Time with People You Don't Like

Written by Joanna Brown

Moving from the UK to Australia was a real challenge for me in terms of relationships.

I was starting all over and having to make new friends while also trying to keep in touch with old ones.

Back home in the UK, I'd been confident and outgoing, but in my new city, I was suddenly an introvert.

It has been the best experience for me in terms of finding out who I truly am and has also taught me these valuable lessons regarding relationships:

1. Life is short so my time is precious. 

We should only offer our time with those who deserve our presence, who we want to share our lives with and who make us happy.

2. It's OK to let go of childhood friendships.

We often hold on to these friendships because we have history. But, we all grow up to have different opinions, beliefs and lives. What we shared at school is not necessarily what we'll share in the future, so withdrawing from old friends is not a loss but a step forward into the future.

3. Negative relationships affect my health.

Negativity projected from another person affects us the same way as negativity within ourselves. Negative people often want to bring others down with them. Their lives are not your responsibility so withdraw and spend time with people that lift your spirits and make you laugh.

4. Resolve wounded friendships for better health.

Strive to be on good terms with all people in your life and you'll feel happier. If you have unresolved issues it can be difficult to forgive and forget. However, starting to connect again can begin the healing process and improve your wellbeing. Even a holiday card or the odd text message to say you're thinking of them could be enough. Time is a healer but as life can be short, be safe in the knowledge that the important people in your life know that you care about them.

5. Develop new friendships slowly.

New friendships can be very exciting but be cautious with how open and trusting you are. Not everyone is as genuine and as honest as you.

6. Positivity = more friendships.

Positive people are attractive to others as they make them feel good.

Self-love allows us to experience healthy, strong relationships with others and comfortably filter those which are not worthy of our love. Good relationships produce a healthy lifestyle, increasing our self love and overall wellbeing.

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