Create Your Perfect 2013

What have you got planned for 2013? The year has flown by so quickly, perhaps you still feel like it's September and can’t believe they're already playing Christmas songs at the mall? Well, I know that's how I feel!

Did you know that success is attainable when you set goals?

It’s important for our minds to feel a sense of growth and to be able to measure it along the way.

Is there anything that you wanted to achieve in 2012 but haven’t quite fulfilled yet? Or perhaps you're celebrating all the things you've done so far this year and can look back with a sense of achievement?

I always like to remind my clients to celebrate how far they have come, not how far they have to go.

Hopefully you do that, too!

It’s important for us all to achieve success in different ways as the brain loves to learn new things.

This could be something simple like getting out of bed in the morning and going to work, to winning an award that brings you great satisfaction.

It’s never too late to get going on anything that brings you pleasure, passion and a deep sense of fulfillment. 

Why spend your whole life wishing you had made a start on your own personal goals, getting swallowed up in regret later on?

Perhaps there was something you wanted to achieve by the end of 2012 but something got in the way of you achieving it?

Even at a young age, I had a feeling that I was somehow responsible for the way my life unfolded, but I never really knew to what extent.

I’d heard of the word fate but felt a little uncomfortable accepting that our entire life was mapped out for us without any flexibility in our choices. I believe we have many options in life, giving us the freedom to decide which path to take from the opportunities we create.

Life throws many things our way. I have battled depression, emotional eating and been on the receiving end of bullying, stalking and emotional abuse.

I was in some very dark places during most of my 20s, but I always had a deep intuition that my happiness and fulfilment was my responsibility, something which had to come from my inner core, and not by taking pills or playing the victim card. Challenges are very important contributions to our personal growth, helping us to learn more about ourselves as we go.

You can change your life in the most profound ways when you learn to take control, but you have to trust yourself that you can achieve it and TAKE ACTION! I used to think I was the only person in the world who couldn’t lose weight naturally with my own strength and control. It started to happen as a result of using the tools and techniques I share in my new ebook, How to Create your Perfect Year.

Over the past few years, I’ve transformed my thinking, changed the beliefs that were sabotaging my personal success and regained control of my life. I’ve built stronger foundations for my self-esteem and banished all the resentment I held against the people who hurt me (including myself). This has allowed me to release the emotional baggage effectively going from feelings of fear to love.

On New Year's Eve 2011, my partner and I sat down to write out everything we wanted to achieve for the year ahead. I personally like to do this every year so I have some focus and control over what I bring in to my life.

To give you some insight into how useful it is to set goals, so far this year I have achieved the following:

  • I wrote my first ebook (and now a 2nd, even though in school I wasn't considered very good at English in school).
  • I have lost almost 30 pounds (12 kilos)
  • I am learning a new powerful and transformative technique to use in addition to NLP with my clients (starting at the end of the month).
  • I am writing a new book for Amazon Kindle
  • I got to write for MindBodyGreen (yep that was in there too!).
  • I got myself an amazing mentor and coach, and participate in a monthly Master Mind Group so I can successfully continue to carry out all the things I want to do, with support and encouragement around me.

I highly recommend taking some time out to write some intentions for the year ahead, even if at the moment you feel they are unachievable.

It's important to have focus and to feel that you are making progress in your life. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself, try to work out what it is that stops you from achieving your greatest desires and try the following exercise to get you going:

  • Take a piece of paper and list the ideas/thoughts/feelings/actions you want to do but haven’t yet achieved.
  • Next to each one, write out what has stopped you so far or what prevents you from getting it.
  • Write out what would happen if you did not achieve what you want.
  • Write out what would happen if you did achieve what you want.
  • Notice what comes up!

If you're like more tips in planning your perfect 2013, my new ebook How to Create your Perfect Yearis available online just in time for the new year, click here to download.

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