The 3 Things You Need for Inner Peace

The concept of inner peace is one that many understand intellectually, though it remains elusive in practice.

Quite often, it's believed that to attain inner peace, the external picture must feel complete. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Unlimited wealth cannot cure a restless heart. An important title may feel impressive, but it is not the key to contentment.

Exquisite physical beauty is unable to counter the ugliness of internal unrest. The outside world simply cannot stabilize inner turmoil.

To unburden and subsequently strengthen the inner realm, three essentials must be cultivated: solitude, attitude, and gratitude. Without them, all outward action is futile.

1. Solitude

There is no peace without occasional solitude. People afraid to be with themselves may have a lot of emotional turbulence to navigate. Five minutes alone may send them into a tailspin. When they can’t find the company of others, they must throw themselves into some other activity.

Creating space for solitude is one of the most important routes to finding inner peace. One has to sift through the distractions, the self-deception, the noise of the inner world before finding a place of stillness. Think of it as finding the perfect frequency. We often have to fine-tune ourselves to get past the static.

Only when we surpass the chaos can the majesty of spirit be accessed. Intuition will sharpen. Creativity will increase. Synchronicity will appear. An unwillingness to explore solitude will keep these gifts at a distance.

2. Attitude

Attitude makes all the difference when it comes to one’s perspective on life. Two people can endure similar hardships yet one comes out on top and the other is devastated by the experience.

The main difference is in their already chosen mental constructs. Interpretation bridges the gap between one’s tragedy and another’s defeat. Overall attitude is determined by how we interpret the world.

Much of what happens us to us is neutral in nature. It is we who attach personal meaning to events. Undoubtedly, some situations are intensely difficult, but one can choose to gain wisdom or wallow in pain. Our choice of attitude directly affects our sense of inner peace.

3. Gratitude

To say “thank you” to the Universe is part of our responsibility as spiritual beings. When we decide to walk the conscious path, awareness sharpens. We begin to notice the infinite ways in which the Universe blesses us.

That is its gift to us. Our thanks is our gift back. It is an acknowledgement for receipt of the blessing. In return, the Universe grants us more. It’s an unending dance of giving, allowing, and receiving.

In short, gratitude is one half of the conversation we carry on with the Universe. If we’re not involved in the dialogue we either have a sense of entitlement or insignificance – both of which are characteristics of ego. A practice of gratitude guards against these extremes of ego and helps us to maintain a peaceful core.

In conclusion, to experience internal peace requires the development of three fundamental habits: solitude, attitude, and gratitude. It takes work if these practices don’t come naturally. However, with a little effort, these three essentials influence our spiritual equilibrium and enhance our experience of the whole.

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