Who Are You, Really?

When you look in the mirror, who and what do you see? I’m not talking about your name, position, or status--all these attributes are a reflection of who you are, but they are not who you are.

Look a little deeper and see what you come up with. Do you like what you see, or do you no longer recognise the person that you see? Do you ask yourself, what happened and how did I end up like this?

You do realize, don't you, that the person you’re looking at is responsible for what you see? Does that sadden or anger you? If you don’t like what you see, do you think this could be contributing to your grim outlook on life and the way you treat yourself? And vice-versa?

Everyone questions who they are at some time or another, but some people spend a whole lifetime seeking and never find the answer. 

To find the answer, examine the thoughts you think, the words you speak, your attitude, your actions, and your reactions. Take a moment and pay attention to what you focus on most in your daily life and what your day usually involves.

The life you live is a reflection of your thoughts, and this creates a life of illusion. What illusion have you created?

Your thoughts are very good at creating your reality, so it's imperative that you're aware of the type of thoughts you are constantly thinking.

When we learn to change our thoughts, we can change whatever illusion we’ve created and experience a whole different life.

Buddha said, "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."

When your mind wanders, where does it take you? Do you experience negative or positive thoughts? Are they judgmental or sympathetic, opinionated or open-minded? Do you see yourself as superior or inferior to others? Is your happiness based on the opinions and the approval of others?

Do you wear many social masks, pretending to be something else? Are you jealous and envious of others? Are you secure or vulnerable? Do you define yourself by what you do and what you own? Do you have constant drama and conflict in your life? Are you friendly to people and then immediately talk negatively about them when they are no longer in your presence? Are you fuelled with the Tall Poppy Syndrome: do you resent, attack, and criticize people who are doing well and succeeding in life?

Whatever your thoughts or characteristics, take this moment right now, be honest, and listen to yourself. Stop the denial, swallow your pride, and allow your true self to come forward to answer these questions and ensure you are not allowing the ego to answer for you.

Make sure you keep asking yourself questions until you come up with the answers that provide you with some clarity and direction as to why you’re doing what you’re doing and being who you’re being. No one else is listening, so this is your time to dig deep and notice what surfaces.

Observe your answers and ask yourself how these are all working for you and what type of life they’re creating.

Do you recognize that the thoughts you think, your attitude, the words you speak, and the actions you take are responsible for who you are and for the life you are living?

Once you begin to change your thoughts, attitude, words, and actions, you will change who you are and your life! Don't expect momentous changes in one day; simply start small and then take it as far as you wish. Maybe you can start with your thoughts first.

When a negative thought creeps in, observe it and then ask yourself if it is serving you any good and providing you with a helpful and positive outcome. If it isn't, take action and replace it with a thought that does serve you well. You may want to initially watch your thoughts, then your words, then your attitude and actions.

As you start altering your usual patterns, witness the shift occurring within and the miracles that start to unfold before your eyes. Under all those layers, the real YOU will begin to magically appear!

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