How to Turn Change Into a Positive Thing

Have you ever felt like your life is changing and it’s left you feeling unsettled and out-of-sorts?

You’re not alone. For most of us, big changes in life can be frightening. But what is it about change that leaves us feeling so anxious and frustrated?

Change represents uncertainty and we are habitual creatures. We like what we know. We feel comfortable with what we know, because this makes us feel in control.

When we encounter uncertainty however, the walls start to crumble a little. Fear and doubt fuels unanswered questions in our minds, and we struggle because we are no longer in control.

In my experience, the worst thing you can do when you face uncertainty is to try and fight it. By resisting, you only make things worse. In fact, the tighter you hold on, the more slippery your grasp becomes. And so the best thing you can do is to just let go and go with the flow.

This obviously doesn’t mean you should just accept every single change that comes your way, but once you’ve committed to a change, it’s best to let it take it’s course naturally instead of resisting and trying to fight it until the end.

I believe change is actually good for you. It can help you to learn and grow, to understand more about who you are as a person. If everything stayed the same, how would you evolve as a person?

Change also creates excitement in life. Just imagine how boring life would be if you knew what was going to happen every day. I can’t imagine anything worse!

If you think about it, Life IS change. Nothing ever stays the same. Our moods change from day to day and our relationships evolve and adapt over time. The sooner we get used to change, the sooner we can live an easy life.

Here are a few easy steps you can take to turn change into a positive thing in your life:

1. Change your perception of change. 

Remember that everything is constantly changing every single day and nothing remains constant. Next time you’re hit with a change instead of immediately resisting it, look for a positive. Consider how this new change might affect your life for the better? I was recently told I had six weeks to find a new house. At first I viewed this change as an unwelcome problem! Oh, the stress of finding somewhere else to live! I’ve since moved to a much bigger, brighter house, literally on the beach and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Change can, in many instances, be positive so try to remember this.

2. Proactively create new changes for yourself. 

Don’t hang onto old habits that no longer work for you. You can make small changes at first. They don’t have to be big life-changing things. You could try mixing up your morning routine by adding some exercise, switching your second cup of coffee for a herbal tea, or even try taking a different route to work. By making small changes, you will start to build up a positive association with change.

3. Practice acceptance. 

Resist the urge to fight change and you’ll be surprised how much easier life gets when you let go and work with change instead of against it. Next time a change pops up, fight the urge to resist it. When we try to resist anything in life, we use up valuable energy resources that we could be using for other more important things! Notice if your body feels uptight and stressed next time you resist change and mentally decide to let it go and to just go with the flow. You’ll be surprised how much more relaxed you will feel once you’ve made this decision.

Remember that changes in your life help you grow and evolve as a person and that this is a good thing. Go with the flow, live each day as it comes and enjoy the ride!

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