Can Buddha Help Your Golf Game?

When Tiger Woods announced he was back to meditating daily and returning to his Buddhist roots, did you think that his spiritual practice would also make him a better golfer? A growing number of golfers and golf coaches believe that Buddhism might be the faith most suited for the golf course according to this interesting article in the Wall Street Journal:

The basic idea: to alleviate suffering on the golf course by cultivating inner peace, self-awareness and a sense of responsibility for one's actions. "It puts you in a peaceful plane," Vijay Singh told reporters while visiting a Buddhist abbot in a Thai temple several years ago. "It's pretty rough out there on the PGA Tour." So what exactly does Buddhism do for golfers? Adherents say it helps them see their mind as an ally instead of an enemy, and helps them see how they may be getting in their own way on the course. (Buddhist golf coaches say a player's ego can be particularly detrimental to a long game.) Ms. Kerr says she finds it helpful to be reminded by her Zen instructor that she's controlling the ball rather than the other way around. Discipline is also an important tenet. As Mr. Woods told Reuters in a 2008 interview: "It is all about what you do and you get out of it what you put into it."

You can read the entire article at the Wall Street Journal here.

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