A Simple Process to Quiet Your Mind Chatter

Written by Tera Maxwell, PhD

Does your mind-chatter diminish your ability to experience peace and joy? The brain registers over 60,000 thoughts during a day. Yet our mind typically revisits the same stale thoughts. For example, when an issue bothers you, how many times have you returned to thinking about that issue during a day?

Often, what manifests in our life is a direct reflection of our thinking. Do we think that finances are a struggle? Notice that financial difficulties present as a life theme. Do we think: if it’s not one thing, it’s another? Note the drama that shows up to support our belief.

In The Power, Rhonda Byrnes says that when her thinking skews negative, she imagines her mind as a galloping band of wild horses that she needs to seize by the reins to control the direction of her thoughts.

Awareness is key, but we can shift the direction of our negative mind-chatter by following this simple process.

1. Write down your 10 most pressing negative thoughts.

By requiring the brain to pay attention to this mind-chatter, you weaken the power of those thoughts. Keep a notebook of your 10 most pressing negative daily thoughts. If you have trouble identifying those thoughts, observe what is presenting in your life. Are you experiencing trouble in your relationship? What is your thought about that relationship? Are you not attracting the income you desire? What are your thoughts about money?

2. Write down an affirmation to counter the negative belief.

As a mother of young children, I found parenting particularly challenging. But after paying attention to my thoughts, I caught myself thinking, “It’s so hard to be a mother.” My children, in turn, reflected what I created through my thoughts. By shifting to appreciation: “I am so grateful to be a mother of these amazing children,” my thoughts influence my interactions with my children, and they respond, in kind.

3. Release your negative thought and plug in a counter-affirmation.

Every thought is a form of energy. Thoughts with strong emotion can create an energetic blueprint in your subconscious. You can release the negative energetic pattern through a simple energy technique, which follows a similar principle as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Tap your sternum with your fingers three times while saying a release statement: I release the belief that finances are a struggle. It is safe to let this go. I give myself permission to release this belief.

Hold the palm of your hand a few inches above your navel, while plugging in the corresponding affirmation: I am open to receiving financial abundance.

You can repeat the release statement and affirmation several times until you feel you have released the negative pattern. You can test your effectiveness with this technique by practicing on a belief and feeling that you can measure. For example, when I am feeling anxiety or anger, I will repeat the release statement and affirmation until the anxiety subsides. I know that the energy technique is working since the angst has diminished.

Note that sometimes, negative thinking may persist due to deep-seated blocks from childhood and generational memories. But through persistence, awareness, and if necessary, outside support, you can dispel the hold of negative patterns.

At our births, we were born with the knowledge of our own greatness. When I tell my 2-year-old that she is beautiful and amazing, she agrees, “Yes, I am.”

Somehow, along the way, our minds become cluttered with limiting beliefs and emotions that slow us down. By focusing on releasing the negative patterns, we, in turn, restore our internal operating system to our original programming to experience more joy, peace, and abundance. Quieting our mind-chatter in an empowering step in that direction.

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