7 Ways to Boost Your Immunity Naturally

Want to stay healthy this season? The good news is there's lots you can do to boost your immunity, and most of these tips won't cost a dime!

1. Wash your hands. 

The most important way to boost your immunity is to wash your hands regularly and to not to wipe or scratch your eyes. People say the eyes are the gateway to the soul. In fact, they're the gateway to your bloodstream. If your hands are dirty and you rub your eyes, germs can make their way directly into the bloodstream and cause you to become sick.

2. Get your zzzzs.

Be sure to get enough sleep, especially during the stressful holiday season. Being rested allows you to properly deal with stress, and gives your immune system the strength and time it needs to fight any impeding infections.

3. Get some elderberry extract. 

I love Elderberry extract. It tastes great and is the strongest natural antiviral that I am aware of. I recommend Sambucus by Nature's Way —it comes in both liquid and chewable to suit anyone's needs.

4. Use mushrooms. 

Mushrooms have recently made their way back on to the supplement scene but have actually been used for thousands of years to promote immunity. I have had great success with them, and like to give my customers LifeShield Immunity by New Chapter, which is made with 11 types of mushrooms that are well known and researched for their wellness support. Anything that passes the test of time has got to have some benefit!

5. Eat a well-balanced diet. 

Do your best to eat a well-balanced, clean diet—especially during the winter months when fresh fruits may not be available.

6. Drinks lots of water. 

Our immune system cannot function properly if it's lacking hydration. Even if it's not hot out or you're not sweating, we still lose water as the day goes by. Keep a water bottle near by to remind you to drink up.

7. Workout! 

Exercise reduces anxiety, which in turn boosts immunity. However, there is one exception. The myth that if you're sick you should exercise is not true. Your body does not "sweat out a cold." In fact, working out puts additional stress on your body, which ultimately lowers your immune system.

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