Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Who wouldn't like to have a sharper mind? What if I told you that drinking coffee and sleeping could help you achieve this? Move over David Letterman, here's another Top 10 list from LiveScience and our summary/commentary:

10. Tease your brain with crossword puzzles, and games like Sudoku.

9. Skip the brain pills - most have no proven benefits.

8. Chill out - stress takes a toll on the brain.

7. Load up on Omega 3's. Fish is a good source.

6. Enjoy your coffee! My favorite of the bunch. New studies suggest coffee may "protect your brain."

5. Get your beauty sleep. When we don't sleep, a new study suggests it's harder for us to think.

4. Take care of your body and exercise. Hypertension and obesity are rough on the brain.

3. Diet, but don't eat too little. Too few calories can impair brain function.

2. Eat throughout the day. A "steady pace of digestion gives a more reliable flow of energy" to the brain.

1. Do something! Scientists believe that aerobic exercise may be the greatest form of health for the brain.

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