Surefire Ways to Develop Your Intuition

I hear voices and always have. There, I said it. Now that’s out in the open, let me explain myself.

My life has been shaped by the miraculous. Since childhood, I have been graced with lucid dream initiations and life-changing, astral plane healing ceremonies with master yogis and Tibetan shamans.

In this strange and compelling mix, I have also heard voices. Sometimes the voice sounds like me. Other times, the voice sounds impersonal or takes on the same tone and inflection of a wise self from another time and place.

For example, when I was seventeen, I was sitting in the high school common room feeling depressed about my future. Having just discovered I had failed two important examinations, I thought my chances of getting into college were zilch.

However I audibly heard a voice saying, “Go and ask to re-sit the examinations. At the same time enroll in the senior college prep program.”

Without questioning what I'd heard, I confidently did as I was told. As a happy consequence, I went on to pass both the exams I had failed, was able to meet tertiary level requirements and find a place in college.

What I am sharing here is not new. Though you may have different descriptors and different examples, this is your story, too.

Your intuition speaks to you in a multitude of ways. It uses personal and direct language all your own. And it speaks to you through the voices of your friends, family members and co-workers.

There’s actually no getting away from it. The problem is, the voice of your intuitive wisdom can often be so close you don’t hear it. (Or maybe don’t want to hear it, if it's telling you to change the dynamic of something you’d rather not change!)

So, the real question worth pondering is:

Do I listen to and act on what I am hearing?

If we really want to develop and strengthen our intuition, we must be proactive. We must listen to and act on what we hear inside.

Below is a simple checklist we can use at any moment in order to align with and act on our inner tuition. It goes like this:

1. Pay attention!

Don’t blank out inner guidance. Listen. Take note.

2. Take action!

If, for example, you are prompted to call and check on a friend, do it! The more you act on inner guidance—even the simple things—the more you will learn to trust it.

3. Tell someone!

Share the successful outcomes of how and when you followed your intuitive guidance. It will inspire others to do likewise and it will inspire and reinforce your own commitment.

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