20 Reasons You Are Not Better Than Anyone Else

The ever-growing, insatiable need to believe we are better than others is contributing to the downfall of our social fabric.

A quick review of any social networking site and it becomes painfully obvious that our need to show others how we are better is simply overwhelming. There is no reason to feel superior to someone else, yet we continue to do it on a daily basis.

To guard against doing so, ask yourself if you have ever told someone, or believed that you were better than them because…

1. You can practice headstand in the middle of the room.

If standing on your head without support means you are a better person than someone who is unable to do so, doesn’t that violate the most basic principles of yoga? Is that really why you practice?

2. You are a vegan or vegetarian.

Just because you have chosen a specific diet to follow, do you really feel as though you are superior to those who have chosen otherwise?

3. You have a college degree.

All it means is that you have fulfilled certain requirements as set forth by a specific school. Since 7% of the world’s population has a degree, you are statistically an elitist, but do you have to act like it?

4. You have a graduate degree.

All it means is that you have fulfilled even more requirements as set forth by a specific school.

5. You weigh a certain weight.

Really? You really need to feel superior to overweight folks? Wow, good luck traveling down that superficial highway.

6. You go to church every Sunday.

Saying you’re a better person because you go to church is like saying you are a mechanic because you

visit a garage.

7. You have a dysfunctional family.

Can you name one that is perfect? So why even bother using this as a trump card?

8. You overcame health issues.

Yes and so have many people who have never said a word. Do you need to have people feel sorry for you long after you have recovered?

9. You have worked in the same position for more than 20 years.

All it means is that you have worked in the same position for more than 20 years.

10. You send your children to private schools.

All it means is that you can afford, or at least appear to afford, expensive tuition rates.

11. You have a senior-level position.

Your office is bigger and so is your paycheck. If the size of either is directly related to how you

treat others are you aware of it and more importantly, why is that the case?

12. You are a parent.

Yes and so are hundreds of millions of other people around the world. Welcome to the club.

13. You can sing/dance/perform on stage.

All it means is that you have practiced a tremendous amount of time honing your craft.

14. You drive a certain brand of car. 

It gets you from point A to point B. Get over it.

15. You wear a certain brand of clothing or use a specific brand of accessories.

There is looking nice and then there is making sure everyone knows you are wearing a specific brand. Why is that important to you?

16. You drink a certain drink.

In what is clearly a first-world problem, several people have told me over the years that their drink

makes them special. Unfortunately they were serious. We no longer chat.

17. You have tattoos or piercings.

Congratulations on decorating your body, but please do realize that not everyone wants to do that.

18. You have traveled around the world.

Great. Most people simply do not have the time or resources. Still others do not want to travel.

Exactly how does that make you better?

19. You have accomplished everything on your bucket list.

That’s nice. In a previous post I explained why one does not even need a bucket list to live with intention and work with purpose.

20. You root for a certain team.

Oh, please. Do I even have to explain why this is ridiculous?


You may be better skilled at one thing. Perhaps you can run faster, sing louder, or play chess better than the next guy. At work, you accomplish things in a more compelling fashion. Competition drives us in our various pursuits.

But does being better at something when compared to others make you a better person? Why do you feel or think that way? More importantly, have you conveyed such feelings or thoughts directly or indirectly to others? Ultimately this comes down to what type of person you are or want to be.

Only you can determine that.

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