How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Written by Amanda Froelich

I’ve been told many times I have a strong third chakra – also known as the solar plexus and the place from which one draws her willpower and self-esteem. However, it took many years to develop the will and motivation to be productive and live life for all its worth.

Years of conditioning from mainstream society left me more than insecure and confused, and it’s no wonder many individuals today hope and pray for change, but feel they have no way to accept and lead a life of difference because of this.

This is why I’m sharing my top four tips on how to stop holding back and strengthen your own motivation and willpower today!

These are the four ways I’ve completely transformed my life and wish someone would have shared with me in the past: 

1. Eat a high-vibration, plant-based diet. 

You literally are what you eat, and this is my number one recommendation for those seeking to ‘lift the veil’ to many truths they are learning about. When you eat a predominately plant-based diet, your body is able to cleanse and detoxify – with it removing impurities, toxins, and build-up which can clog your lymphatic system and inevitably weaken the energy flow in your body.

Eating foods that are high in vibration also helps wash away negative emotions and impurities, aligns the energies in the system, and can help you re-define and take a broader look at your life, allowing you to for once to decide on what your priorities should be.

When you experience the love, joy, and awakening that follows moving to a more plant-based diet, simplicity emerges as beautiful and it’s easier to adopt habits which support a life you’re looking to grow.

Finally, the cleaner you become in body, the cleaner you become in mind and soul: you start to attract experiences which support your journey and letting go of old past-times, which you know dampen your growth and well-being, but are hard to move past.

2. Start using your talents!

Many people wish they could be doing a job they enjoy in which they make enough money and have plenty of time to enjoy life.

Whoever said this wasn’t possible?

It all stems from your thinking of believing you have to have a 9-5 day job to support the consumer-driven mindset taught at a young age. I truly believe nothing is further from the truth.

If you want a life that supports your goals and dreams, start focusing on what it would take to make it possible! Nothing changes unless you do – and with the abilities you have been gifted with, hone them and share them with the world and it is inevitable you will find an audience that supports and appreciates them. If you’re truly doing something you love – you’ll never be ‘working’, and what can be more motivating to contribute than that?

It may take months or years depending on your dedication to starting a new pathway in your life – but for example: selling paintings at a local coffee shop part-time and starting a website to reach a far-away clientele could be the little beginning you need to make it grow and share it with the world!

You will never know what could happen until you make a leap; it doesn’t have to be the Grand Canyon – even a small crack in a change of direction could bring about change.

3. Use the Universe in your favor!

Most everyone has read or watched the movie The Secret, which shares the Law of Attraction; the idea that thoughts can be measured and work with the flow of energy in the Universe.

This can be exciting an exciting revelation, but until you act upon it, it’s only second-hand knowledge.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t even have to believe it 100%, but you should minimally be creating a Vision Board to display all your goals and dreams – from big to small – that you’d like to achieve. Having motivation to one day see your ideas come true every day can minutely spark change as well!

Where the magic happens, however, is partaking in this exercise:

It is all about viewing the universe and your dreams like a catalog: sit in silence and picture or imagine an experience or goal you would like to achieve. Feel what it would be like to have it come true…. Then really delve into the experience as if it were happening right now. What would you be like? Where would you be living? How would your attitude be?

Align your thoughts with this experience and as if placing an order with the universe, simply state “Let it be.”

And done; you’ve ordered, now continue to feel as if it is happening! We are all energy – and the universe responds with how fast you want it to.

Merge a vision board with affirmations of how you want your life to be, and experience a gradual shift of your thoughts and life. Change can be a slow-going process, but if you adopt this practice, I’m positive you’ll experience major life happenings (usually which result from a shift internally inspiring action!). They can be as simple as feeling more motivated, to starting a new direction in your life that supports you and your goals.

4. Release negative thinking patterns and replace with positive!

Finding motivation to change and redirect your life starts with how you view yourself, your situation, and others. It’s difficult to break away from how you’ve been raised, but it’s change that will spark a happier and well-deserved life if you try it out!

Instead of putting down yourself, a situation, or someone else – redirect your thoughts to form a positive twist instead. For example: Instead of getting upset that you lost your phone on vacation, maybe try and be adventurous and experience a time away from persistent technology that is diverting your attention!

Enjoy the present moment, and if you’re really getting into it, try connecting with other people and letting the universe take care of you!

(This is actually from personal experience! Now looking back, I’m glad I was able to experience all I did without constant attention being drawn to a phone instead of all the wonderful people and opportunities I would have otherwise missed!)

Start simpler by just trying to speak positively as often as you can, all while working every day to see the beauty in all situations. When you also think positively, you also draw more of that into your life.

It can be tough, but it’s worth it!


These these four ways of living have literally transformed my life! I’ve come to realize that everything lives and works in balance – and when we align our highest selves with our bodies, minds, and soul, it’s a lot easier to find motivation to change and a direction to follow in life!

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