Are You a Yo-Yo Cleanser?

By day, you're downing green juices, sprinkling hemp seeds over your organic kale salads and snacking on sprouted raw pumpkin seeds. By night, you're gluttonous and hedonistic. One, two, three glasses of wine, a kale and cucumber margarita (just like your green juice but with tequila!), coconut ice-cream, a macaroon and everything else you’ve erased from your memory.

The next morning, you're resetting your intentions with extra gravitas: Yoga, Barry’s Bootcamp and Soul-cycle all in one day!

You’ll cleanse for three days, just green juices. But it doesn’t work. You find yourself detoxing and retoxing, then repeating.

You've become a yo-yo cleanser.

If juice cleansing has become your penance for over-indulgence, the solution is to moderate the over-indulgence. 

But moderation may seem a little pedestrian. After all, why feed yourself two squares of dark chocolate each night when you can have the entire bar in one sitting?

Pleasure for you is often not from the food itself, but from the freedom of letting go.

So let it go.

But limit it to once per week. Savor every bite, every sip and every aroma of the planned indulgence. Follow it up with one green juice the next day, not six.

Then think about what you are trying to let go of.

If that's too physiological for you, ponder it more...

And follow this post-indulgence menu to get back on track:

When you wake up: Hot water with lemon and cayenne pepper

Breakfast: Two organic eggs over arugula with sea salt

Lunch: Kale salad with smoked trout, tomatoes and avocado

Afternoon snack: Green vegetable juice

Dinner: Halibut served with arugula and red cabbage salad with sunflower seeds

Additional Snack: Apple tossed in cinnamon

Sleep: 8 hours, please!

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