3 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Sex Life

Are you single and looking to attract a compatible partner? Or are you in a relationship and want to increase the pleasure you experience in the bedroom? Well, yoga can help.

Practicing yoga has physical, energetic and psychological benefits that can help take your confidence and sex life to the next level.

Here are three elements of yoga that can increase a connection to your infinite energy source, the muscles of your pelvic floor and stretch the limits of your body and mind:

1. Vigorous Pranayama (Breathing Exercises)

Practicing invigorating breathing techniques can help you connect to your core center and the muscles of the pelvic floor. My three favorite pranayama exercises cultivate heat, strength, endurance and self-confidence which can help you connect to yourself and others.

2. Core Strengthening

Exercising your core muscles, in addition to practicing your pranayama, gets you in tune with the fierce energy deep within. These exercises also develop stability, stamina and help you connect to your first, second and third chakras (energy wheels in the body). Activating these chakras helps you lift energy up through the body to increase the physical and spiritual experience of sex.

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3. Flexibility of Body and Mind

The benefits of yoga are not only physical but also mental. Stretching the body helps you be flexible enough to get into new positions, which might give you confidence to try new things. Additionally, the mental clarity that results from a regular yoga practice can help you feel happier, less stressed and increase your self-esteem.


The most important element of yoga that can help improve your sex life is the ability to access the light within. When you can see the Divine light within yourself and your partner, you can access higher levels of intimacy, trust and enjoyment of sex (and life overall).

As you take advantage of these benefits of yoga, remember to be safe, make eye contact and honor the wisdom of the teacher within.

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