What Story Does Your Body Tell About You?

Does your body speak neglect and carelessness? Or does your body say to the world that you care about yourself and the body you were given?

No matter the excuses, the weather, the busy schedule, the life events that can take you off course, your body speaks the results.

Like it or not, your body is your billboard to the world.

Of course, the relationship you have with your own body is most important, and that’s why being on your own side is the first step to a healthy body image.

Are you the type of person who always feels defeated? Do you beat yourself up when you get off track, eat too much, skip a day or week of exercise? Are you always criticizing your body and spending time brooding about the things you don’t like about yourself?

One of the keys to having more success in improving your health is to change your attitude by having more self-compassion. 

Self-compassion is your ability to comfort yourself. It’s like living with your own inspirational or motivational coach—but inside your head. I’m not talking about letting yourself off the hook to overeat or skip exercise, I am talking about developing your ability to be kind to yourself as your motivation to change.

When you are kind to yourself, you are essentially telling yourself that you deserve kindness, you deserve to be treated well, and then you will start treating yourself better.

Here are tips to help you treat yourself with more kindness: 

1. Say kind things to yourself. 

You'll be amazed at the transformation you will experience when you start coaching yourself positively in your head. And the best benefit? If you are self-accepting, you always have a kind place to retreat when you need a recharge. You don’t have to seek external comfort that’s not as healthy, like the wrong foods.

2. Practice being kind to your body. 

Ever notice that you feel awful when you overindulge but you feel terrific after a cardiovascular workout? Your body is talking to you! Listen to it. Reward yourself with water, fresh fruits and veggies, healthy cooking and controlled portions. Be kind to your body with stretching, walking, moving more and a regularly scheduled exercise regimen that works for your schedule.

3. Treat yourself like you would a friend. 

I bet you say things to yourself you’d never think of uttering to a friend or to a child. Decide today to be on your own side and soon you will love the story your body tells about you. Be a friend, to the most important person in your life—YOU.

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