11 Secrets of Happy Parents

Written by Ivetta Kleiman

As a relationship coach, I often work with couples who say that their children are exhausting, and they have no energy left for each other. They'd like to experience life beyond the constant juggle of a stressful job, children, finances and household duties.

We can relate to these feelings and struggles – children do require a lot of attention and energy. However, every day I choose not to use my daughter as an excuse to hold back on experiencing the things that I love and value, or give up on quality time with my husband.

So here are the 11 tips that will allow you to tap into your hidden energy sources, invigorate your relationship with your partner, introduce more consistent behaviors with your children and experience joy and happiness on a daily basis while raising well cared and happy children.

1 . How do you find energy?

Firstly, stop telling yourself that you don’t have any. Start living in this moment. Energy is a mindset. Are you surviving/functioning or enjoying life? We are the powerhouse. We generate enough energy for a thousand lifetimes. It is the stories we tell ourselves that exhaust us. The stories of not having enough, of comparison or of wanting something other than kids, a partner and a current life. We think we want a different life instead of loving the life we have. Energy comes from clear thinking and living in this moment.

2. Fill up your own energy tank first. 

The oxygen mask on an airplane goes on you first before you can help another. We are useless to the ones who need us when we are depleted. It is not the kids exhausting the parents; it is the parents not taking care of themselves. Create date nights, kids free time, moments of adult interaction every day, do what you love doing even for short periods of time. Children are not exhausting, not fulfilling yourself as a human being is.

3. My partner is a priority. 

Actively cultivating love and gratitude in the marriage must take top priority. Cultivating love in your marriage cultivates love in your family, cultivates love in your children, cultivates love in your community and in the world. Ask yourself what role model you want to give your children? Martyr parent who sacrificed their life for their children or a happy, loving person who truly embraces life? What kind of marriage you want your children to have? A sexless and boring struggle or a loving, passionate and supporting relationship? Choose wisely, lead by example, you are your children’s greatest teacher.

4. Stop blaming and judging yourself. 

You are a good parent! Observe your thought process without judgement. Cultivate new intentions. Everything you do is driven by love and pure intention to care for your children. Be an outstanding parent not a perfect parent. Perfection is the worst standard of all because it can never be achieved. Every day repeat to yourself with love and passion “I love my children, I love my partner, I love myself, I do the best I can with resources that I have! I am awesome!”

5. Become more efficient with your time. 

Be mindful of activities that are most draining. Document and examine answers to the following questions with your partner. What specifically do you find exhausting? Are the children exhausting every minute of every day? When are they less exhausting? What contributes to things being better? What patterns have you noticed that contribute to things being most exhausting (an overdoes of sugar, too many scheduled activities, not enough down/quiet time, getting each other too wound up, etc.). What could you change about their routines or rituals that would make things less exhausting?

6. Create a new vision for your day. 

Describe what an ideal day would look like with respect to your children and household? How would it be different from what you have now? How would an energizing day look? What would need to transpire to make that your reality? Examine your beliefs about what a “perfect house is” or “my children must be loaded with activities”. Find resources to create this day, reach our for help from your family, collaborate with friends, get a baby sitter, a cleaner, order healthy take away twice a week.

7. Define the new normal and accept it. 

One of the ladies I know once said: ”I have 4 little kids. I haven’t slept a normal night sleep in 12 years. Once I realised that my normal changed I ran out of exhaustion into complete acceptance and gratitude for my new normal. And our bedroom life has benefited immensely”. What obsolete beliefs that do not support your current life circumstances you have being holding on to? What nourishing, energising and fulfilling activities you gave up since you became a parent? What is your new normal?

8. Life is about balance

Just like in an organization, if there are conflicts at the management level, they trickle down to the employees and functioning of the organization. Overly demanding children are often times a reflection for anxious state of the parents. Parent’s unhappiness makes children feel insecure thus they demand more time and care.  Parents are required to exert even more energy to get the children back on track which makes the parents even more tired. This is a vicious cycle parents should try to break. Balance and prioritize your relationship first because it is good for your children.

9. Consistency, consistency, consistency. 

Consistency and agreement with your partner in relation to children is more important than what you agree upon. Parents must act as a unified authority. Support your partner decision in front of the children even if you disagree as long as it doesn’t endanger children health or safety. Discuss the issue with you partner in private and agree on a solution together.

10. We waste energy when we try to juggle too many things at once. 

I learned to be completely present with my daughter for short periods. For example, when we go to the park I leave my smart phone at home, I focus on playing with her and enjoy our time together. I choose not to check my messages, emails, Facebook when we play together because it is her special time. She feels loved getting pure mummy time. Other times she can play on her own while I am tending to dinner or work.

11. Enjoy what you choose to do, don’t suffer doing what you have to do. 

Someone I know once said: “I used to be exhausted doing dishes…never mind the kids. Today I love doing dishes because I put a different meaning to “doing dishes”. I have time to be grateful and playful in my thoughts….my grandchildren ask “Grammie how can you have fun doing the dishes?” I tell them I have fun in “Anything” I do today because I chose to….

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