How We Find the Path to Peace

The simplicity of life is exactly that: simple.

Yet we complicate things.

We interject hatred, insert judgment, cling to rightness and wrongness.

We are attached to beliefs that are in complete contrast to our purpose and our essence: the expression of love.


Sitting here in Jerusalem, these are answers I search for. What is it that drives us to hurt? To blame? To divide rather than to embrace? This happens in my relationship with myself, with others and across "my" torn land.

My two immediate responses are fear and forgetfulness.

We have "forgotten" who we are. We have become so aligned with an identity that we "need" to feel alive, to feel worthy. And all too often, to feel in control, so that ironically, we no longer feel.

We have disowned that knowing we are born with, which allowed us to be blind as children to race or creed. The knowing which allowed us to enjoy innocence joy self-acceptance and flowing out from that, acceptance of the other. The "other" really being a manifestation of the same life force that flows through my veins, the same charge that vibrates and resonates as my body. The same expression of love that brought me into being.

When we learn to shame ourselves as a result of not feeling good enough – an amalgamation of messages we receive from caregivers and parents, and from cultural, religious and social mores – we suddenly create a hierarchy.

We differentiate between Me and You and a struggle for resources begins. Whether it be love, attention, land – resources become something to battle over and for for we develop a vision of scarcity that begins to seep into our outlook.

And thus fear enters.

What if others know I’m not enough?

What if I lose what I have?

What if your way dominates and my way is devalued?

Simply put, we fear because we have stepped into the illusion of duality.

Our Ego separates us – the voices that were internalized as our own. The criticisms, collective negative beliefs; ideas that we create as societies and remain burdened and enslaved by.

When we return to the Oneness – the commonalities we share, the Divine Spirit that we are – we can but only dwell in peace and love.

So, on this beautiful fall morning, I sit inspired by a painting by the late Azriel Cohen. Inspired to write this piece. His painting is simple. Of Israelis and Palestinians drinking coffee in the same café.

Look behind your incarcerated mind. Look beyond your eyes and Journey to your Essence. Here, here dwells the rememberance of connection. Here lies the path to peace.

For as long as you and I continue to hold onto separation, rightness, the power of control…. As opposed to unity, compromise and compassion and the power of love, we remain stuck in a common hell. There are no winners.

As we are willing to venture within, to reconnect with and remember who we truly are – Pure Divine Love, equal to all others – we open the way for recognizing that shared magnificent essence in everyone else. As we see the world through a heart of love, eyes of love, we melt the fear.

There is no living space for fear in an ocean of love energy.

From this space, life is simple. Life is kind. Life is loving. Life is connected. We experience At-one-ment and we are all freed.

The Journey within is the first step to the goal of forgiveness, reconciliation, healing and everlasting love and peace.

Now is the time.

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