Men & Yoga: Why Guys Should Roll Out a Mat

Until recent history, yoga was practiced strictly by men. These days, in the US especially, the majority of classes are filled with women, (an easy reason why a single guy should stumble into class!), but there are major benefits for men who practice yoga.

Here are 5 reason why guys should include yoga in their exercise routine: 

1. You will reduce stress and anxiety.

During class, you will practice breathing techniques that you can apply to everyday traffic jams, work emails, and other anxiety-inducing events.

It's also a great time to get out of your mind and tune in to your body. (Besides, who can think about that deadline when you're holding a side plank?)

2. You'll work your core.

Speaking of planks.... Guys, you're going to work your core! I can't tell you how many times I've heard "It's chest and arms day"or "It's leg day!"

But I rarely hear, "I'm working my core today."

This is the place to do it! Yoga teachers are great at sneaking in a lot of core work without sit-ups! Once you start to notice the strength in your core increasing, your endurance will increase. Bonus: it will help keep your back safe while lifting weights.

3. Get ready to count sheep.

Yoga is great for those who aren't able to fall asleep or stay asleep as well as others. Along with reducing stress and anxiety you will start to notice tension in the body releasing....unfortunately guys are notorious for not stretching well, so once you start to stretch those muscles, you'll release toxins helping to naturally induce slumber.

4. You will burn calories.

You will lose weight practicing yoga. The breathing you practice is going to help you warm up your bodies, which increases your metabolism mixed with yoga poses (asanas) you'll work up a good sweat.

5. You will have a support system.

Everyone has a great reason for coming to yoga. Chances are, you'll find fellow students coming to their mats for the same reason as you. It's a great place to find friendship and support in your fitness and health goals!

Alright guys! Time for you to head out and buy a yoga mat (yes they come in other colors besides pink and purple) and no, you don't have to wear spandex.....

Now hit the mat!

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