10 Reasons Why Having a Sister Rocks

In the first grade, I paid my twin sister a dollar to do my math homework. The next day at school we sat in a small group going over our answers. I had every single one wrong (and I was a good math student). My confused teacher asked me what had happened.

Since I’ve always been overly honest, I easily confessed. Needless to say, my teacher couldn’t stop laughing while diplomatically suggesting that I get my dollar back.

With our shared birthday right around the corner, I find myself reflecting on what my sister means to me. While she certainly means funny childhood stories, my sister also means long talks, cozy cuddles, good conversation and life-long acceptance. In this day and age when families and siblings have many definitions, here are ten reasons why having a sister—at least one like mine—rocks.

1. Honesty. 

You can always be honest and open with your sister.

2. Talking. 

No one lets you jabber away like your sister.

3. Listening. 

Just like no one teaches you how to be a better listener than your sister.

4. Hugs. 

Even as little children, my sister taught me the importance of hugs and touch (even if, at times, this touch was pinching and hair pulling).

5. Fun.

Spontaneously stopping the car in a dark elementary school parking lot at 10p.m. to crank up your current favorite song and get out and dance is never as much fun with anyone but your sister.

6. Secret keeper. 

I think sisters hold secrets the best.

7. Unconditional love. 

No one loves as unconditionally as a sister.

8. Understanding. 

My sister knows exactly how neurotic I am—and she loves me for it rather than in spite of it.

9. Teacher. 

I think one of the reasons I’ve successfully been with my husband since childhood is that my sister taught me how to have, and maintain, such a close bond.

10. Celebration. 

No one rejoices with you during life’s grand moments (or empathizes with you during the less than stellar ones) like your sister…so

Happy birthday, Sarah!

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