25 Ways to Have Fun Today

The other night I went out and danced all night long until my feet hurt. I haven’t done that in a while.

But damn it felt good.

I think sometimes we take life too seriously.

Sometimes we get caught up in the routine of life and serious things like paying the bills and going to work and being responsible.

Sometimes we forget one thing: Life is for living!

When you’re too busy looking forward at goals or looking backward at the things that went wrong you can miss the moment, and ultimately miss life.

We all live busy lives. We all have responsibilities to meet, but it’s dangerous to live life too seriously.

Because you know what?

You only get one life.

This is it.

Right now.

Right here.

This moment.

So don’t sit around getting bogged down by the serious things, get out there and have some fun.

All those things that you never have time to do that you always wanted to do?

Now is the time to make it happen.

Not tomorrow or the next day or next week or when you get time.


Here are 25 Ways to Have Fun Today: 

1. Go out and dance all night until your feet hurt.

2. Jump out of a plane.

3. Host a pot-luck dinner party where you set one cuisine theme and everyone brings a share plate.

4. Have a chick flick movie marathon (or action films for the boys).

5. Have a "food art" party at which everyone brings something that’s creative and edible.

7. Host a karaoke night.

8. Throw a fancy dress party.

9. Go camping.

10. Have a games night (board games, trivia).

11. Host a sports tournament. (Pick your sport: tennis, darts, golf, hula hooping.)

12. Have a bonfire with marshmallows, sparklers & damper bread.

13. Bake a cake.

14. Jump in the ocean for a swim.

15. Go to a comedy club.

16. Crank the music up and sing your heart out.

17. Head to a national park for a long bush walk.

18. Go to a theme park.

19. Go and see some live music.

20. Get up early enough to see the sun rise.

21. Have a pillow fight.

22. Dance in the rain.

23. Go and see the sunset somewhere with someone you love.

24. Make some ice cream.

25. Scream. Loud. Just for the hell of it.

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