6 Tips for Digestive Nirvana

Written by Kim Gatenby

Do you suffer from bloating, constipation, or borborygmous? (This hilarious word means tummy rumblings.) We all know it’s important to have a well-functioning digestive system, but how do we achieve digestive nirvana?

Follow these 6 tips to make your belly smile again: 

1. Take a probiotic daily. 

Your digestive system is a veritable ecosystem of little critters called probiotics, which help to boost your immune system, digest your food for you, and keep nasty bugs like thrush in check.

2. Enjoy a cup of peppermint tea to relieve an upset stomach. 

The active ingredient in peppermint, menthol, has been found to reduce gastric spasms, which means it can calm your stomach, even if you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

3. Bring a book to the bathroom! 

Most of us live fast-paced lives, but it’s worth taking a few extra minutes to relax properly when you move your bowels. Give it a try and you'll notice a more complete motion and less discomfort. (There’s nothing wrong with taking some reading material to the bathroom!)

4. If you suffer from bloating after eating dairy, try a digestive enzyme tablet. 

Our bodies are supposed to produce the enzymes we need to digest our food, but some of us don’t quite make enough. This is why you may be fine with a small glass of milk, but a large glass leaves you feeling sorry for yourself. Taking digestive enzyme tablets just before eating could help combat this problem.

5. Eat cooked foods more often than raw foods. 

By cooking your veggies, your body will have a much easier time breaking the food down to extract all the nutrients.

6. Try drinking Aloe Vera juice. 

If you want to combine the benefits of tips 2 and 4, try a shot of Aloe Vera juice! The active ingredients in this well-known plant act as an anti-inflammatory, and can therefore reduce pain from IBS, colitis, and stomach ulcers. Aloe Vera juice also promotes digestive enzymes such as pepsin to help you break down your food.


Now that you’ve learned these six ways to keep your tummy smiling, get out there and give them a try!

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