3 Daily B.S. Moments and What You Can Do About Them

Written by Rebecca Hulse

Today’s world teaches us to accept mediocrity and crappy circumstances. Phrases like “Shit happens,” and “It’s not my fault” and “Why me?” are all examples of how common it is to tolerate the lower half of life.

MindBodyGreen is part of the antidote to settling. It provides information and inspiration to go for more, and that's the theme of this post:

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. 

My parents instilled this idea in me and, growing up, I've found myself to be in the minority in this thinking, so it’s time to spread the change some more!

Here are 3 examples of "Daily B.S. Moments," in which we give up our power and settle for less than our best life:

1. I can’t do anything. 

Of course you can do something! This is a choice of total disempowerment. No matter how small an action is (change of mindset, physical action, etc), it does cause an energetic shift.

2. It wasn’t me. 

You had the experience didn’t you? Your being there in the experience means that you vibrationally created yourself to be in it through the Law of Attraction. This is good news, because it means we can choose which experiences to partake in for the good, too!

3. I don’t know. 

You were created with an inner guidance system that does not fail. This system is called your emotions and feelings. You know what is good and bad for you through your feelings and with daily usage, this turns into a spiritual deeper guidance of simple yeses and nos.

You feel momentum in the right directions and stuck in the wrong decisions. The perfect divine paths become obvious in terms of momentum: It becomes the easiest path.

The point is that you always have a choice and you always have a way of making thing more into alignment with your best life. This is about stepping into your power and 2012 is the perfect year of speed to start this growth.

Actions you can take to avoid these moments include: 

  • Living above the line
  • Being aware of the vibrations you put out
  • Practicing daily gratitude to focus on the things you do want vibrationally
  • Using your inner guidance system every day

Here is an exercise for tapping into your internal guidance system: 

  • Stand firmly on the ground and feel where you are in time and space.
  • State “My name is [state your name]” and see what direction in which you feel tugged – this is your direction of truth.
  • State “my name is [state another person's name] – this is your direction of untruth.
  • Now ask a yes or no question for which you need guidance. For example “Is it in my highest good to write an article now?” and listen for your answer.

So knowledge without action is like a green juice with vodka.

Decide on an action to take from this soul reminder and let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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