Take 10 Minutes Off Your Morning Juice Time

A juicer is the best invention ever – even better than a sliced bread machine. You get everything promised in those sexy expensive ads: great looks and energy. And it’s also amazing how many people you meet who love juicing, too.

But there is a downside: juicing takes a lot of time.

Especially if you have a high quality juicer.

The good news is: You don’t have to slave all day for optimal health!

Here are some tips to shave some time off your morning routine: 

1. Wash with water and a scrubbing pad.

Forget the soap! Yeah, your juicer might look so pretty, but if it saves me minutes and it’s still clean, so what?

2. Buy veggies the right size for your chute. 

Pick whole apples that fit, lemons that are the right size, carrots etc. The less to chop, the more you chop time off. Don’t worry about how pretty it looks, you don’t have to core apples or peel carrots before you juice them, the juicer does that.

3. Have some favorite juice recipes up your sleeve.

There are tons of great ones on this site already.

My favorite is 9 stalks of greens like celery, spinach, fennel, Swiss chard with 3 apples lemon and ginger.


Juicing doesn’t have to be hard and I really urge you to do your best to make it a daily habit, as it's extremely beneficial to you.

It’s all about fitting it into your life a way that suits you.

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